How to Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion

How To Install Your License Key Once and For All!

Imagenomic has a fantastic plugin that works wonder for skin retouching called Portraiture. Unfortunately Installing its License Key of has proven to be a difficult task with the latest OSX Mountain Lion. I tried for at least a dozen times opening Photoshop, opening an image, selecting Filters > Imagenomic > Portraiture but the result was always the same: each time I relaunched the application, the plugin was unregistered and the valid License key I entered the previous time was always missing.
I Googled a lot to find a solution and on the Imagenomic site I found that Portraiture had a problem writing the License on the preference file with Lion (OSX 10.7). Unfortunately the solution they gave was not working for Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8).
Luckily I have found a simple way of solving the issue and now my License Key works as a charm!

Update – 16th August 2012

We have just received a “very kind” email from Imagenomic, telling us that the latest version of their plugin does not suffer from this issue, so if you are still facing issue with Portraiture, their advise is to use their latest version of the plugin.

What is Imagenomic Portraiture? Skin Retouching Made Simple!

We discovered Imagenomic Portraiture plugin for Photoshop following Sue Bryce’s CreativeLIVE course. It is a plugin (it also works with Lightroom and Aperture) that allows you to post process the skin in an image in few seconds. If you were doing as we did, masking the skin, applying Surface Blur, recovering the texture of the skin and so on, Portraiture will cut your post processing time in tenth, doing an amazing job! On Sue Bryce’s website we also discovered a nice video introduction, otherwise you can see how it works on another video on YouTube

How to make your Portraiture License stick on Mountain Lion

The reason why your are asked for the license key every time you open Photoshop is because every time you write it down, Portraiture does not have the permissions to save it on your disk. The solution is pretty simple, even if a little bit geeky: make sure to run Photoshop with admin permissions! Follow me in this easy step-by-step explanation on how to make it work!

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion User Admin

1. Make Sure Your Account Is An Administrative One

Open System Preferences (on the top bar in OSX Mountain Lion click the Apple Logo > System Preferences…) and then select Users & Groups in the System section. Under your name in the Current User section you should read the word “Admin”. If you are not an administrator of your computer, you cannot proceed as you need the administrative rights to install the License Key.

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion

2. Start Photoshop with Administrative Privileges

This is where the tasks you need to do becomes geeky, but don’t worry: follow my instructions and everything will be extremely simple! What you need to do is to open the Terminal application (you can find it in Applications > Utilities > What you need to do is to tell Mountain Lion to start Photoshop with administrative privileges. To do so you need to type the following command:

sudo /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS6

Of course this path is valid if you have a copy of CS6 installed in the default location. If you use a different version of PS you just need to find the correct path to the executable file. What you have to remember before starting to write is that Terminal, to recognise a space ” ” needs a backslash before the space itself ” “. Another “cool” feature of Terminal is its autocompletion, so if for example you write “sudo /App” and you press the tab key, Teminal will autocomplete the path to “sudo /Applications/”. You can use this feature to reach your executable file!
After you have pressed return after the command, Terminal will ask you to insert your password, then Photoshop will launch. Do NOT close the Terminal application, as it would close CS6 as well!

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion Photoshop Admin

PS: I get a strange error message when I open the application with administrative privileges, just ignore it and go on.

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion Photoshop Plugin

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion Photoshop Plugin

Install Imagenomic Portraiture License Key on OSX Mountain Lion License

3. Install your License Key in Imagenomic Portraiture as you would normally do!

To install the License Key of Portraiture I simply open an image, I select Filter > Imagenomic > Portraiture and when the License Key Installation screen opens click “Install License”. Put all your details in the form, including your license key and click OK. That’s it. Apply the plugin to the opened image, but don’t save or do anything else.

4. Close Photoshop and Terminal

Last step is simple: quit Photoshop and quit Terminal.
Not so hard for a geeky how-to, isn’t it?

Job Done!

That’s it! Next time you will use Portraiture (you do not need to run Photoshop with administrative privilege any longer), your license will be there, allowing you to use this amazing piece of software!
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  1. Nelson Yeong says:

    Great that you have found a remedy for Photoshop CS6. Do you happen to have the remedy for Lightroom 4 too? I have tried “sudo /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” but it does not work in my case. Thanks!

    • Carlo Nicora says:

      Hi Nelson,

      I think the link to the Lightroom executable is not correct. Try this:

      sudo /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photoshop Lightroom 4



      • Nelson Yeong says:

        Dear Carlo,

        Thanks for the link (which worked), but the problem remained (i.e., Portraiture 2 refused to stick to Adobe Lightroom 4, in Mountain Lion OS X). Interesting, I got this error message on the Terminal:

        “2012-08-06 18:54:42.319 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4[273:707] Failed to restore first responder (message was accessoryView) NOT KEY”

        For the time being, I guess I have live with this (since Imagenomic has no solution too).

        • Carlo Nicora says:

          Hi Nelson,

          What I would suggest you to look at is the file size of the prefence for the license file.
          You can found it in /Library/Preferences/com.imagenomic.portraitureplugin.plist (To get there just open a new finder window then Go – Go To Folder and type “/Library/Preferences/”

          If the file size is zero, then the license hasn’t been saved correctly.

          I would not mind the error from Lightroom! :)



          • Nelson Yeong says:

            Hmmm… there isn’t a ‘Library’ folder (which I have searched) that contains ‘Preferences’ in my Mac.

  2. Carlo Nicora says:

    Hi Nelson…
    The “Library” folder is hidden, you should type the path manually! :)

    • Nelson Yeong says:

      Oh yes, I manage to unhide the folders using Terminal – thanks! =) It seems, however, that I cannot locate the file. Could you repeat the filename? Thank you.

  3. Carlo Nicora says:

    The file should be

    With photoshop it creates the files, but it is empty…

  4. Tamara says:


    Thanks for the post! I’m trying with photoshop CS5 but I get the ‘command not found’ message, do you know the path for CS5?.


    • Carlo Nicora says:

      Hi Tamara,
      When you are in Terminal you can use the TAB key to autocomplete a path. I would try typing:
      “sudo /Applications/Adobe Photoshop C”
      and then press TAB once or twice to see the path and complete it.

      it might be:
      sudo /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS5

      sudo /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5.5/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS5.5

  5. Tamara says:

    Thank you! It didn’t work! I think I’ll have to accept that I’ll have to work like that :)

    • Carlo Nicora says:

      Hi Tamara,

      The key for you is to understand where the executable is.
      You can open a new finder window and find your Photoshop. Right click it and select “Show package contents”. What is the path to it?

  6. Robert says:

    It worked like a charm! Fixed it with CS5. Great tip. thnx!!

  7. John says:

    Thanks Carlo … It Works perfectly …

  8. MATT says:


  9. Brooke says:

    I’m getting extremely aggravated… maybe because I’m computer dumb but I do everything and get all the way down to the #3 and have to stop. I don’t know where I am finding the license key can someone help please?

    • carlonicora says:

      If you have the original license code from Imagenomic, that’s what you should use. This tutorial only works if you already have a valid license

  10. Gary Miller says:

    amazing. Thank you soooo much. Worked perfectly.

  11. James Green says:

    Great! So annoying having to put the serial number in again and again…

  12. nar says:

    share your serial please

    • carlonicora says:

      Hi Nar,
      I am sharing the information on how to make your own license work. I do not share serial numbers.



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