Holloway Smith Noir Great Teasewear Meets Boudoir. Want to See?

There are many things we loved about Sophie from Holloway Smith Noir, but one of them was her refreshing honesty.
Let’s be honest” she said during her Experienceif you are going to wear a beautiful set of nipple tassels, we all know where things will go, and it is certainly not a tea party!
But let us tell you something more about Sophie and why she is on the pages of our website today. Let us tell you something more about another company we fell in love with for its ethical approach and care for its customers. The company is Holloway Smith Noir, and they produce so called “Luxury Teasewear for Modern Pinups“: they design and produce some of the finest tassels, eye masks and general teasewear we have ever seen.

The Passion Behind Sophie

We met Sophie quite few months ago, in our never ending search for companies we can bond with. She is the managing director of Holloway Smith Noir. She is also one of the most passionate people we have met so far, and she beats many “warm blooded” Italians.
We started discussing our commonalities both in terms of imaging and in terms of business. It was fantastic realising that a couple of hours and few teas went by without being noticed. The discussion was so lively and pleasant that we did not start discussing a possible collaboration until the very end, but at that point we both knew that our businesses think alike.

The Woman Behind the Brand

We invited Sophie to be photographed by us straight away: we thought that doing so would have made her live our Boudoir Experience. Moreover, it would have given us the possibility to photograph her creations. She accepted the challenge and let us photograph her.
One of the hardest thing, when photographing a woman, is to gain her trust, to make her feel comfortable in her skin, in front of a camera. Sophie was outstanding while posing, letting us pamper her without blinking and trusting us completely. The session was thoroughly relaxed, a real pleasure.
I have to admit that both Fabiana and Sophie bursted out laughing when, while talking about Holloway Smith Noir products, I referred to them as “Pastries” instead of “Pasties“. I cannot even start telling you how much they mocked me for this trivial mistake!
And do you want to talk about the results? In our opinion, her images are nothing short than stunning, and as she said in her own words before the Experience “hey, look, don’t expect me to be a model!” Imagine what would have happened otherwise!
You can read her experience on Holloway Smith Noir blog!

The Brand Behind the Woman

Sophie is an incredible woman, positive, joyful and focussed on making of Holloway Smith Noir a fabulous company. Her drive, her passion and the care she puts in everything she does are a sign that she will make it, and in us she found an ally to walk with her along the way.
The products we have seen were unquestionably gorgeous, produce with the utmost care for details. No wonders they are the company of choice for many retailer shops who offers such products.

Stay tuned because we want to bring incredible offers for the Brides to Be out there! Get in touch if your wedding (and of course your hen night) is coming up for a personalised treat!


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