The Boudoir Photography Experience

because it is more than just boudoir photography

Our Boudoir Photography is about confidence, is about discovering the beauty in you. We call it the Boudoir Photography Experience because it is a personal journey, and cannot be defined simply as a photo shoot.
You are unique, and at Faby and Carlo we treat you as such. We want to know you, understand what you dream and love for yourself. We want you to feel confident that you are in expert hands. We want you to know that everything is going to be fine.

What to Expect from your Boudoir Photography Experience

This is the opportunity to have a feel if we are the right photographers for you, and to start shaping your Bespoke Boudoir Photography Experience.

To keep your dreams moving in the right direction, we will create a visual reference to set the mood of your photographs.

Everything you need to know about styling, preparation, options and much more. This is the ultimate guide to your photo session.

Expect an hour of heavenly pampering under the expert hands of our makeup artist. The right look is the first step in building confidence.

From posing you head-to-toe to making you feel comfortable, we will give you the peace of mind of a smooth and unforgettable experience.

We make an event of the first time you will see yourself under a new light. Your edited images served with sparkly Prosecco and a friendly atmosphere.


Petits Bisous

Petits Bisous for London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo
Petits Bisous for London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo
Petits Bisous for London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo
Petits Bisous for London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo

for London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo

Thank you for considering a Boudoir Photography Experience at London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo. It would be an honour for us to walk you through this personal journey, but before doing this, we would like to share what “Faby&Carlo” stand for, and what we can do for you.
We believe that every woman is beautiful, that the mirror often lies, and that confidence, not the idea of physical perfection, is what every woman really needs to shine through.
We believe in “empowering women” by making them look as great they feel in their mind. In fact, our mission is to show you how truly beautiful you are so that you can feel confident in every aspect of your life.
As we wish for you to have a unforgettable experience, we choose our partners with great attention. They need to share the same core values, the same attention to your needs and the same uncompromising quality.
For our Boudoir Experience, we are proud and honoured to be partners with the exquisite lingerie boutique Petits Bisous.

  • We both believe in enhancing and highlighting your beauty in an elegant, timeless, stylish and contemporary way. Effortlessly.
  • We believe you don’t need a special occasion (or a partner for that matter) as a reason to feel confident and beautiful.
  • We believe that wearing fabulous underwear is something for you, and for you alone.
  • We believe that you don’t need to choose between being clever or beautiful, you already are both. Give yourself permission to embrace this truth.
  • We believe in being a woman that is sensual, elegant and beautiful, and that never compromises on style.
  • We believe that we can create beautiful images of you that you will treasure forever.

This is what we stand for, and we partnered with Petits Bisous to offer you the very best London Boudoir Photography Experience, because we know that beautiful lingerie with the perfect fit will make you both feel and look at your best for your boudoir photographs.