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We have been photographing Boudoir, Fashion and Portraits for the past seven years. Our passion for photography is rivalled only by the intensity we put when we coach photographers in our photography courses.
Our offering is customised on every photographer’s real need. The photography courses range from mentoring programs to one2one session, from group workshop to short classes.
To us the success of photography courses is defined by the understanding of where you are and where you want to be once the course is completed. To do so, our four photography courses span from a complete, six month mentoring program, to a few hour focus course. Every photographer is different, and not all the photography courses suit everyone.

photography courses

Why Photography Courses

We have the firm belief that the better the photographers, the better the market. We don’t see competitions in other photographers, we see someone producing quality work that does not sell cheap. Our philosophy is that every photographer should focus on their style. Only being committed to what you really like will allow you to thoroughly enjoy what you do.
We teach because we love to pass our experience over. We teach because the art of visual storytellers we pass in our photography courses is vital to create a quality market.


The Psychology of Photographing People

Portraits and Boudoir photography heavily rely on subject-photographer relation. What psychological triggers can you use to capture amazing images?

Business and Sales

The Business and Sales side of photography is often underestimated. What are the best options for photographers and how can you make it an enjoyable process?


Getting people to know you is the key to having more customers. How can you push your brand out there, reaching your potential customers?
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Pre Production

One of the key to a successful session is preparation! What are the information you need to plan in advance to make the most out of your time?


Photographing Women

Women are complex and beautiful creatures. How can you photograph them properly, making them look great in your photos?

Post Production

Photos should be taken right in camera! What is that can make your good images a great photos with a pinch of salt and pepper in post production?

Understanding Light

Good photographs begins with good lighting. Do you know how to lit your subject in every condition?
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Photography 101

Great photographs break the rules. The question is: do you know the rules you want to break?

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photography courses
online mentoring

Online Photography Courses have always been interesting solutions, and the only thing we have always seen as a weak point is the personal connection between the teacher and the students. With online photography courses in the pipeline, we have decided to start our online coaching with something more personal: one on one digital mentoring. We offer the possibility to build your own private coaching and mentorship program completely online.
How do we make the most out of the online photography courses and the direct human connection to provide you with a unique learning platform?

photography courses

When we started our business, we were lost.
There were so many things to know, and so many things to learn. We had always wanted someone to mentor us, but we never found someone with the qualities we were after. Honesty, integrity, interest in larding who we were. Today, with a business with a wind in its tail and a wide offerings for photography courses, we decided to bring photographers under our wings, becoming the mentors we would have loved to have.

Mentoring is so much more than a set of photography courses set together. A mentorship program is an experienced photographer holding hand with someone who is learning, moving through the complexity of the photography business. More than that, a mentorship program means that we will get to know you and understand you for who you are. Too many times photography courses do not have the time to discover the true sparkles of brightness in people. We aim to understand you as photographer and as person, to identify and foster your strengths, and to help you achieve your true potential.

What does our mentorship program offers:

The mentoring program does not have specific dates, as it is based around your needs. What you need is what we can provide!
Get in touch with us to see if we are the right mentors for you. A mentoring program is an important investment to be carefully evaluated, and we are more than happy to openly show you what we can do for you!

photography courses
one 2 one

Just one step below the mentorship programme, the One2One is the second most in-depth of our photography courses. It is one full day of coaching focussed on your needs.

The content of the course is discussed in advance, to identify the elements to be covered. From business to marketing to shooting, this is one of the photography courses that allows you full access to “Faby&Carlo”. In one day we can cover one to two topic amongst all those covered in our photography courses.

Similarly to the mentorship program, the One2One sessions are scheduled on a personal basis. There are no dates set in stone, just the dates you need. To know what we can do for you in a day, contact us and we will happily discuss your needs and options!

photography courses

Mainly centred on photographing people, we teach what you need to know to take great fashion images, simple portraits or sensual boudoir photographs. From the basis to the final execution, we will show you what we do and how we do it, and then we will shadow you so you can make it happen.

We believe in a personal relation with the subjects of our pictures. We don’t like photography courses with twenty people shooting one model at the same time.
Every workshop in our photography courses has a limited number of 6 participants. This will ensure your “shooting time” as well as your Q&A time.

To book your place in one of our photography courses, just get in touch!

photography courses

Learning about business, marketing, sales, shooting and many other things in just one go is overwhelming. There is a lot of information, and a lot of it is vital for your business. We believe that aggregating many things in one big go – both in terms of content and investment – was a challenging condition to make the most out of any workshops.

7eleven takes a different approach. We offer an affordable investment to learn about one specific subject you are particularly interested in.
The reason for 7eleven is that we would have loved to have the possibility to be mentored like that, step by step, one milestone at a time.
Shorter, more focused workshops also means that we can keep the costs down. The investment for a Masterclass is very reasonable and will not break your bank. It will give you an amazing value for money without involving subjects you might not be fully committed to.

Our 7Eleven are held regularly every month!
Should you like to participate to one of our photography courses, but no dates are available, you can also request new dates just by getting in touch with us.

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