The Boudoir Observer

One of our values is that we have no competitions. No, we are not so full of ourselves to think that there are no other boudoir photographers around, but we have always believed in our style. As London Boudoir Photography as well as Faby and Carlo we believe in our style, and no one else can have the same. The other boudoir photographers in the United Kingdom are not competitions, are allies, especially in a developing market as ours!
We believe in collaboration and “The Boudoir Observer” is our attempt to create a solid ground to bring together boudoir photographers in the UK to broaden our niche market, to make Boudoir more accessible to final customer through an editorially curated fashion-like magazine.
Are you a Boudoir Photographer and you want to know more? Write to us! We are already working on it and we are looking for you!

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