5 traits of a good boudoir photographer

Being a boudoir photographer is quite simple. Being Good boudoir photographer can be a bit more challenging. Too many times I have seen guys with camera mistake glamour with what Faby and I shoot. How can I blame them, what they see is the end result, and their goal is to reproduce those images; however, the world of a boudoir photographer is not about the glamour of photographing naked women.

So what are the traits of a good boudoir photographer? What are the things that divide a guy with a camera photographing models from a professional that gives confidence to women? In this blog post we will reveal the 5 most important traits you should develop to be a good boudoir photographer.

1. A good boudoir photographer cares about the woman in front of her

It may seem so obvious, but in reality too many photographers focus on what are their agendas, not about the women in front of them. If you thing in number of poses or if you are a bit turned down by the fact that your client is not a Naomi Campbell, then you need to rethink your priorities. Being a good boudoir photographer means caring about the vulnerable person in front of you; it means trying your hardest to put yourself in her shoes.

When is the last time you asked yourself: “how must she be feeling right now?” Yes, it is about bonding with your subjects, making them feel at ease. Sometimes it means going the extra mile, spending some more time with them or talking a little longer.

2. Mindfulness

When you are in front of your subject, are you the leaf being carried away from the river, or are you the rock around which the river flows? During a photo sessions there are dozens of details which count. You have to be present and live in the moment. If you are not there with your subject, sooner or later she won’t be with you.

A good boudoir photographer focuses on the subject’s garments, making sure they fall nicely. She pays attention on the mood of the woman in front of her and how she reacts. If you want to be good, your passion is not going to be enough; you will have to be present, living the moment every time your clients are with you. Be mindful, breathe and be there for her.

3. Kindness

A glamour photographer generally deals with young models who truly desire to be half naked in front of a camera. For me, boudoir photographer, and for everyone in my situation, the reality is different. Women in front of our lenses are not always sure they are doing the right thing. They are questioning their decision to be photographed by a boudoir photographer from the moment they step in the studio. The least you can do is to show a bit of kindness.

A good boudoir photographer is a professional, welcoming and caring figure. She is there not just to take good photos, but to help the woman in front of you to feel beautiful and appreciated. Be kind, listen to her fear and her concern and address them as she was your daughter. Don’t dismiss the traits you have seen in almost everyone you photographed just because “it’s the same for everyone”. For you it may be the thousandth time you have seen a specific insecurity, for them it is a first.

4. Respect

If the thought that a woman who wants private images of herself is vain or “too much into her look” crosses your mind, you should consider doing something else. A good boudoir photographer should always consider the deeper meaning for which a woman exposes herself in such way. Most of the times there are psychological reasons behind wanting to see themselves beautiful. You have to respect their reasons, especially if you don’t see or understand them.

I have a relaxed approach with models. I actually don’t treat them as models at all, I treat them as women. If you want to become a good boudoir photographer, you should use models to learn respect. Offering it to everyone, even if being your model is their job, is the best way of remaining in people’a hearts, more than just their minds.

5. Being non judgemental

Last, but certainly not least: don’t be judgemental. Whatever happens, whoever you are photographing, a trait of a good boudoir photographer is never to judge. We had the luck of photographing incredible women who were terrified by the idea that we would have judged their decision to show a nipple or to be nude. Some of them had this fear because they had felt scrutinised before. “You haven’t lived another person’s life. You don’t know what make them and what broke them, so you cannot judge their choices” is one of my favourite saying.

There is an important truth of a boudoir photographer who is judgemental of their clients: he won’t be respectful of them, he won’t be kind with the, he will focus on other things aside those he should really master and he won’t truly care about them. In short, he will negate every other trait a good boudoir photographer should have.

Hey, wait, what about being a good business person?

I did not forget that a good boudoir photographer should be a business person. You have to make a living out of what you do. Well, trust me, by fostering those five traits, your clients will adore you. For them you will be more than a boudoir photographer, you will be their confident. A great business is based in great values, and these traits are he foundation of great values. To be a good boudoir photographer is treasuring the well being of the women you photograph, and this is always a good business.

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Model poses by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photographyPosing women by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photography