7eleven Masterclass: short workshops studied around your needs!

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In the past months of workshops, we have listened to all those who have been with us, but we also took a great deal of care especially to those of you who did not manage to participate.

You are those we place our hopes on, you that are growing in the business of photography, that are working hard 9 to 5 to ensure a good shot in your real job with your camera. You, that are trying hard to make a living out of your real passion, and that know that is in not just a dream, but a reality you can live.
We have understood a little bit better how to customise our workshops to give everyone the possibility to join us and learn, to create a new generation of photographers who are going to be top players both with their camera and in their their business practice. That is why we have created the 7eleven Masterclass.
Are you interested in knowing what the 7eleven Masterclasses are?

What are the 7eleven Masterclasses?

  • Shorter workshop with laser focused objectives
  • Worker-friendly hours (19:30 to 22:30 during the week)
  • Very attractive fees
  • One to one followups
  • Wide variety of classes

We have lowered the gap for you to take a serious step forward in your photography career, it is your turn to invest in it!

Why Shorter Workshops?

Learning about business, marketing, sales, shooting and many other things in just one go is overwhelming. There is a lot of information, and a lot of it is vital for your business. We thought that aggregating many things in one big go – both in terms of content and investment – was a difficult condition to make the most out of any workshops.
7eleven goes the other way around: affordable investments to learn about one specific subject you might be interested in. We would have love to have the possibility to be mentored like that, step by step, one milestone at a time. From the many feedback we received in the past years, we have noticed that the most positive were from those photographers who managed to act on short, very focused tuition. Less is more!
Shorter, more focused workshops also means that we can keep the costs down. The investment for a Masterclass is very acceptable and will not break your bank. It will give you amazing value for money without involving subjects you might not be fully committed to.

Evening Workshops To Empower those who are starting up (but not only)

Let’s make it crystal clear: if to foster your dream of becoming a photographer you are working hard 9 to 5, you are doing the right thing! Photography, like every other business or art, requires time and commitment there is no such thing as an overnight success. If you are like us a couple of years ago, the idea of an evening workshop, just after work, is a godsend! No need to take time off work, no need to invest money and not earn them at the same time. It is an informal meeting where you will be even fed!

Your personal followup

As an invaluable bonus, one to two weeks after the Masterclass (depending on the subject) you will get a free 30 minutes of personal follow up via Skype or phone. That half an hour will be dedicated to your specific needs, questions and will be used for making sure you have acted on the class objectives. These workshops are designed not just to give you the tools to make it, but also to ensure you will do what your business needs to flourish!

Classes to satisfy your real needs

Faby and Carlo’s 7eleven Masterclasses will start in April and will initially cover the following areas:
– The Business and Sales side of Photography
– Marketing for Photographers
– Photographing Women
– How to photograph with flashes

The first dates of the 7eleven Masterclasses

8th May – The Business and Sales side of Photography
15th May – Marketing for Photographers
22nd May – Photographing Women
29th May – How to photograph with flashes

How much should you invest?

We know that investing in your photographic education can be really expensive, but we have a goal in mind. We want great photographers around that know how to value their craft and that will help us in creating a better industry for everyone. To do this we need committed professionals and we thought that by keeping the prices for education down, we will help them developing their skills and their business.
For this reason we are setting the investment for each Masterclass at only £150.

Does this sound good? Book your slot today at hello@fabyandcarlo.com

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