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Hello Everyone,

If you remember well, almost a year ago I went to Seattle to be in the audience for one of the creativeLive workshops. Since then I have never hidden the fact that one of my dreams is to get back to creativeLive, this time as a teacher. cL opened the auditions for new teachers, and I have decided to follow my dreams. I have to admit that if I have created this video on Valentine’s day is also thanks to Fabiana, who supports me and my dreams: this is a fantastic Valentine.

I would love to join them to teach starting up photographers what it means to have a business in its first 18 months. I would tell them that it is absolutely great to follow their dreams, and that is ok to fail, fail quickly and then doing it right. I would tell them that the world is in the hands of those who dare to do, and only if you do there is the risk of failing.

You know, I decided to tape this video just few hours before the audition deadline, and I am aware that I haven’t been able to do it perfectly. I should have said more, I should have been clearer… but I did it, even doing it in an hour after having shoot a birth from 6am this morning, I just did it. as I said, the world is in the hands of those who do.

Do I really think I have something I can give back to the audience at creativeLive? I do, and I am really keen in proving it!

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