Boudoir Photography: whose agenda is it? Your customers or yours?

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In the part few days, we had the opportunity to reflect on a crucial element in a Boudoir Photography Experience: agendas. While chatting with friends and models, this element came out more than once. When you photograph your customers, whose agenda do you follow: yours or theirs? Do you go from pose to pose just because this is what your posing manual says, or do you listen to what your customer are actually after?

If we haven’t been clear enough, let us clarify this once and for all: as a photographer you should focus on what your customers want. If you want them to buy from you, you should try and deliver what they are after. Of course, you should have a style and you should try to deliver it; just stop thinking that having an unbendable agenda will solve your issues.

For Boudoir Photography Communication is Key

There is only one way to understand what your boudoir photography customers want: communication. You should be interested in what they have to say and you should also let them express themselves. This may seem simple, but there are times in which your customers’ needs may interfere with your routine. If you focus on your agenda, this is going to be a pain, but if you understand what your customers really want, then it becomes a chance to get creative!
Do you ask your customers what they are looking for? What they like? What they dream for themselves? Do you care about their answers enough to make them the milestone of their photo session?

Listen to your customers

There have been times in which, for how much I tried to communicate with my customers, I failed in listening to what they were looking for in their Boudoir Photography Experience. I gave too many things for granted, and I missed the essence of their needs. Starting a communication is not enough, you need to value the answers. Giving value to what they say may also mean having to change the structure of your shoot. It may mean changing the way you do things, but if their agenda and happiness is the top of your priority, then everything else is secondary!
What do you do if a customer is not happy with her makeup and hair? Are you going to reassure her that everything is going to be fine and move on in your way? Or are you going to listen and change the details so that she will be happy with her image in her photographs?

Look for hidden hints

We don’t shoot five customers in a day. We don’t shoot three or even two. We limit the number of customers to one a day. We want to give that single client our full attention, and we don’t want to be tired when we deal with her. A Boudoir Photography Experience is something that excels, a unique moment for a woman, and we don’t want to spoil it. Being tired would also mean being unable to see hidden hints in your customers’ communication. Yes, sometimes women speak in code, they want something and they say something else. Yes, that’s how it works and if you want to be a good Boudoir Photographer, you have to understand the “secret code” and help your customers getting what they really want.
Are you listening carefully when your customers talk to you? Are you trying your best to understand that they are outside their comfort zone and they need to be understood?

A Boudoir Photography Experience should be a pampering moment for our clients. We should avoid dictating an agenda that is different from our customers’ one. We should communicate well, listen carefully and look for hidden messages. We serve the women that we photograph, and we should make our target make them feel the most beautiful women on earth.

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