Boudoir selfies can endanger a photo experience!

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In the past we have spoken about the hidden danger of selfies, and today we will focus on the “boudoir selfies“; boudoir selfies are those self shoot taken the day of the photo session. Do the two type of selfies differ much? Let’s just sat that if you are a boudoir photographer, boudoir selfies can turn a good shoot into a nightmare!
Let us tell you more about the boudoir selfies and your role as photographer!

Boudoir or Glamour

Before digging into the boudoir selfies, it is important to make a distinction between boudoir and glamour. As we wrote a few weeks ago, glamour is a style of photos for models while boudoir is an experience for women. I would prompt you to read our article about it, but to make a long explanation short let’s just say that boudoir is much more psychological than a normal glamour or lingerie photoshoot. This is a very important factor as boudoir selfies may be a defining factor in how you can manage your subjects.

How can boudoir selfies make your life a living hell?

Good boudoir photographers, which I hope we are, are able to capture a woman at its best. In addition to this, they are psychologists and confidents, they make their subjects feel at ease, safe and never judged. It takes some time to get to make your subject reach this state.
Using the right angle, the right light and making her feel at ease, the images captured speaks numbers about a woman. Boudoir selfies do not possess all these qualities, so what do you think it happens when a woman takes boudoir selfies and see, in her own photo, everything she does not like? She will lose her confidence, leaving the comfort zone you worked so hard to create.
You see, it does not matter what you tell her, if she saw her flaws, she won’t trust you to make her beauty shine. This crack in the rapport is terrible.

Recover from the wrong boudoir selfie

You should immediately be able to see that something is wrong after boudoir selfies gone wrong. Your subject will step in front of your camera without the confidence you helped her build, she will be more shy the you would have expected and she will shy away from you and your lens. Let me be honest; recovering from such a situation is not easy and there is no silver bullet to get out of it. The common ground to win back the situation is to work twice as hard.
To get out of it you need to know your subject and have the ability to guess which is the best psychological tactic that may work with her. With some a direct approach works, while with others the same tactic doesn’t give any positive results.
This is one of the reasons why we want to know as much as possible about the women we photograph; in cases like these ones it is vital to understand her psychology and help her.
Generally we try to be quite open: “Hey, I have noticed that your eyes are not smiling as they were few minutes ago… we know that boudoir session is a big step outside everyone’s comfort zone, but we see your beauty…
We generally do not mention the boudoir selfies, at least if they are not taken in front of our eyes. And if we ca, we will prevent her to take those boudoir selfies, as the risk they pose is too high!

We have nothing against selfies, we are only aware of the dangers of boudoir selfies!

No matter what you do, a recover from boudoir selfies gone wrong is not always possible. This means that all your work will go to the dogs, you won’t be able to give your subjects renewed self confidence, not to mention that your business will suffer, as she won’t be willing to buy your photographs.
Selfies are common in today’s age, and there is nothing inherently wrong with them (…exclusions apply…); however, one of the things you should stress on with your client is that if they are in your studio for beautiful photographs, relying on a selfie is like eating a bag of crisps while waiting for a succulent dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant.

What do you think of boudoir selfies? Did you gave them enough importance, or were you lenient with women taking boudoir selfies during a boudoir experience with you?
And if you see the danger of boudoir selfies, how do you (or would you) prevent your clients to jeopardise their own confidence and overall experience? Let us know!

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