Boudoir Stories: Clare

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It is the spirit of a woman posing for a Boudoir session one key ingredient to fantastic photos, and a positive attitude makes it perfect

Welcoming Clare in our studio we immediately saw that her positive attitude would have made our day. One of the great things of welcoming someone that, despite being scared of posing in front of a camera, smiles and keeps a great approach, is that we know that the photos we will take of her will have something special!

It is the spirit with wich you are going to pose that will ease your day. We know that the first approach to Boudoir can be a little bit intimidating for some, but in the end you have to have fun while in front of our camera. The beautiful photos that you can see in our website are not the result of some boring session in front of a computer, but the creation of two photographer and some amazing women.

Clare spirit was amongst the best we had in our path. Always smiling, always up for a challenge (you can see in one of her photos) even when she was fighting her initial shyness in front of us. She made our day!

So, when you decide to come to our studio to be pampered, remember that you will have to enjoy your session of Boudoir, because the more you will do, the more you will love your photos!

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