Boudoir Stories: Emma Louise

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At London Boudoir Photography we think that a classy approach works great, and we have decided to add more fashion than glamour in our recipe for the perfect sensual photo.

London Boudoir Photography is different and we are proud of this! When Fabiana and I decided to start it, we did it also because we were unable to find anyone in London that was embracing our idea of Boudoir. We think sensuality, not sexuality, should be the first ingredient of our images, femininity as temple of beauty, not just as simple object of desire.
Coming from a fashion industry, we have decided to expand our Boudoir recipe with element taken directly from that experience and we think it tastes good.

Including the fashion approach in our style has been a sort of bet we placed on our images, but it was something that paid off since our first attempt with Emma Louise, who was absolutely phenomenal during our session. She came in our studio knowing that we would have tried the mix of something old and something new, and she was a great person to work with!

Boudoir Stories: Emma Louise

We are not looking to win the entire market

Some of our customers underlined that they were impressed of the lack of “page 3” poses in our photos, and this is exactly what we want. Our target is not the glamour market, we are not interested in proposing the “babe & car” style, as we think there are many great photographers around that can deliver it. We look for the class, for the style and that sweet aftertaste that does not fade away quickly.

Boudoir is timeless in our opinion, something that is great today and will remain for tomorrow. In our opinion a classy Boudoir will live forever, while a glamorous image fades away quickly.

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