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Video of one of our Boudoir Photo Shoots

At the beginning of July we spent one day shooting, filming and broadcasting live a Boudoir Photo Shoot as part of our Workshops. Without a fancy production we tried to show how we work and we replied to every question that was send via the Internet. We wanted to thank the many people who watched the live stream: they were many, despite some of them had to wake up incredibly early to watch us.

The (long) video

I would like to apologise for the quality of the video, however it was the best available with our connection. We will try to have a better connection for the next live video, otherwise we will opt for a pre-recording!
PS: the video have been shoot with an iPhone 4S and the initial part with a iPad2.

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PS: Do you know that you can Download the video files directly from here? Just Right-Click and select “Save as”!

What did we Use?

Some of the live viewers asked us a list of the gears we used, so here they are:

  • Canon 5D Mark II (both Fabiana and Carlo)
  • Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
  • Canon 35mm f/1.4
  • Canon 85mm f/1.2
  • Canon 85mm f/1.8
  • 5 in 1 Round Reflector 42inches
  • Reflector California Sunbounce Micro Mini Silver/White
  • Manfrotto 5001B Mini Stand


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  • Caos

    Thank you very much for the video, for sharing your experience and your way of working.

    Greetings from Spain and I wish you much success;)

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