Candid Photos: 5 Tips on How To Capture Natural Moments

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One of the keys to attract customers is to give that candid look to the subjects in your photos. Make your subjects look natural, make the poses they are holding look easy and make the moment you capture as candid as possible: you will photograph real people. Candid Photos, especially Boudoir Candid Photos, are not as simple to capture as it seems, but with few simple tips you can give your images that natural look everyone is looking for.

1. Get To Know Who You Are Photographing

If you had a problem and someone displayed the care to listen and to understand what you are living, wouldn’t you be happier, would you? Feeling listened to and understood is a vital element in creating a human relation. If you want your subject to relax in front of you, let them talk to you, let them express themselves.

2. Let Your Subject Know You

The next step in developing a human connection is to let your subject know who you are and why you are a photographer. If you are in this art, it is probably because it is your passion, isn’t it? Then you should let this passion get through. Your enthusiasm for making your subject look beautiful, the care you reserve for every customer is your card. Give your subject the possibility to ask as many questions as they like, even better openly ask if they have questions, and clarify any point. Reassuring them that they can be yourself in front of you means that you are allowing them to do it, which will generate the opportunities to capture candid photos of them.

3. Demonstrate Professionalism

Candid photos, or candid looking photos, can be taken only when there is trust between the subject and the photographer. When the woman in front of your camera trusts you completely, she will allow herself to be herself, to move naturally. In doing so, she will give you the possibility to create images that will capture her natural essence, her natural movement, her natural sensuality. The professionalism you show is, therefore, paramount to create this relationship.

4. Make It Easy To Enjoy The Session

To capture natural moments, candid photos if you like to call them, you need to create opportunities for those natural moments to develop. We discussed how the interpersonal relation is the key for her to trust you, now it is time to learn how you make the most out of this trust relationship: forget about your camera. I can imagine more than a couple of puzzled expression now, but let me be clear: if you care about your camera, your subject will care about her thoughts, and all the work you have done to create that fabulous relationship will go wasted. Don’t let her think she has a relation with a machine, keep your camera down as long as possible and be ready to capture the “moments”!

5. “Candid Photos” Means being ready and Capture The In-Between Moments

The last “secret” to capture candid photos, candid moments, is to photograph your subjects when they are unaware. Let them think they can relax as you got your shoot, and they will do it. They will think that you took your best shot and that now you will coach another pose, so they will move naturally. That gesture with the hand, fixing her hair, or just that gaze, checking on details only she is aware of. Those are the moments you want to capture, and the best thing is that you know exactly when they are going to happen: when you will tell “great, you can relax and move out of this pose now“.

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