Causes of Failure: The Number One Reason Why We Fail

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Let me start by saying that we strongly believe that failing is just part of the game, and it is not in any way a game-stopper. Those who do, sooner or later fail, because they put themselves out there. Through mistakes, we can refine our style, and we can improve who we are.
Why do we fail, though? We do it for a large number of causes of failure, but the one we find more critical is that we don’t do what we are supposed to be doing to reach our goals. We fail because we are not laser focussed on what is truly important, so we waste a huge amount of time in dealing with all the things that are not truly important.
It does not matter if you are looking at your photography business, which we will cover in this post, or in your life. Truth is that time is the most precious thing we have, and the best way of using it is making sure that we cover the most important elements.

Clarity On Your Targets lowers the Causes of Failure

We live in a world that has an overall excess of information. The world is our oyster and the opportunities are endless. If this is a fantastic time to live in for the opportunities, it is also a tough one, as with the abundance of obtainable goals, it is hard to focus on one.
Clarity on what you really want to achieve is key! Who is your ideal customer? What is the style you love? What is that you really want to do?
You have to stop thinking that being the jack of all trades is a problem solver: it is exactly the opposite. Only exactly knowing what you want to achieve will grant you the clarity of how to get there. Focus on the smallest niche you can, and make sure to serve that niche at your best. This clarity is the prerequisite to lower the causes of failure!

Make A List, and Then Cut It

When you know exactly what your niche is, you have your target. Now it is time to create a list of things you need to do to achieve your goals, lowering the possible causes of failure. The key in writing down this list is to keep it focused on your target, trying as much as possible to avoid setting tasks which are not directly linked to what you want to do.
Now that you have your list, it is time to trim it. Take it and divide it in half, keeping exclusively what you feel is truly important and necessary. That’s it, we know it is not simple, but you have to do it. When you have done it, you have to take the surviving tasks, and cut them again!
Make sure it is easy to remember each day what you want to achieve and what are the immediate tasks to reach your goals. You will see that this remove many of the causes of failure, particularly the most important of all: we do things that are not necessary, stealing time from our days and draining our energies.
Remember: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!

It Is OK to Say No

Something important to understand is that it is OK to say No. If you can do something interesting, but it is not one of your goals, it is OK to say No. If your schedule is filled by the very important tasks you set and something else pops up, it is OK to say No.
You have to remain focussed, you have to remember that succeeding is just one of the options, and you have to be committed to hitting it.


The last thing is probably the most obvious, but underestimated one: Get Your Things Done!
If you have a task in your list, make sure you are actually doing it. Sometimes there are things that we don’t particularly like doing, we need to get them out of the door nonetheless: get shit done!
If the number one reasons, amongst all the causes of failure is the lack of clarity and the fact that we don’t focus on what we really should focus, planning without realising is the second!

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