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Changes are one of the things I have never been scared of. I have always thoughts that life is evolving and welcoming changes implies a better adaptation ability. If you fight changes, you will lose. If you welcome changes, you will make you life easier.
Changes are the topic of today’s post for many reasons, one of them, as you may have noticed already, is that we have decided to revert last year’s decision to split our blog in two. We changed our mind, we analysed pro and con, reaching a different conclusion today from the one we reached last year.
So, we embraced changes one more. We saw things differently and we did not fight what we thought was right, even if it meant some hours of additional work.

How to accept changes

We are creatures of habits, and changes are attacks to our routines. That’s a fact. When we face this changes, we feel like being attacked. Despite my habit of embracing changes and my positive attitude towards them, I feel like this. My grand scheme is put under pressure from changes; however, I have learned that the first thing to do it you want to welcome changes is to accept them.
As simple as it seems, we often don’t take changes into consideration. Not only we refuse to act on a change, but we refuse to listen to them. If you want to make the most out of this ever-changing world, you need to acknowledge changes.
When someone asks you for some changes, simply listen. Don’t say yes, don’t say no. Just listen. If you get heated, calm down. Listen without judgment.

Not all changes are created equal

Many times we are faced with changes that are not good. Having the possibility to do something doesn’t mean that we have to do it. Having a customer asking for a discount, doesn’t mean we have to make changes to how our business is structured every time we are asked for something different.
The fact that we face changes does not mean that we have to accept them. We have to take them into consideration, understand the implication and decide what to do. Certain changes are actually for the best, certain others are not. If you followed my previous advice to listen without judgment, you may have seen pro and con of the change in question. Let yourself calm down if you are heated and decide if that change is one of those that can make your life better or not.

Just Act

There is good things to accept changes, as you will flow with the world; however, when changes have to be made, you need to act. Many times we are so stuck in our ideas, that despite accepting a change, we don’t act on it. We may understand that stop using a heavy hand during post processing is bad for our business. We may accept the fact that we should do something more natural. But we don’t. We simply can’t remove ourselves from “the way it is” or “the way we do things“. I have always hated these two expression, or the “this is how I am, I cannot change it“.
You need to force yourself to apply the changes. They may break your routine, they may push you out of your comfort zone, but if you thought they are for the best, simply make it happen!

A year in the making, an hour in the changing

Faby and I had moved all the resources for photographers in another website. This was more than a year ago, and at the time the change seemed a sensible one. We listened to some advices and we split the resources.
In the past 14 months we have thought about the changes many time. I, for one, have never been keen in splitting the sites, as it would have meant more work to maintain the sites and a dilution of our writings.
Few days ago Faby called me (I was on a bus, in one of the rare moments in which we are not together) and told me: “I think we should put the two websites back together“. The reasoning behind it was simple: we are Faby and Carlo, we are leading photographers in Boudoir, we photograph women and we teach other photographers to take better photographs. No customer ever complained that our website was for photographers as well.
I listened, it sounded reasonable, I accepted that changes had to be made and I made the changes. If you knew me it should not come as a surprise that the site was merged just two hours after I got home.

Changes are Good. Listen to them, Embrace those that seems right and Act on them.

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