Christa Meola and Creative Live: Learning from the Best

 In For Women

As photographers we focus our efforts to be at the same time artists and business persons, providing an unparalleled quality of images and the best possible experience for all our customers. In order to do this we try to learn from the best, understand how they are able to shine as they do. We were lucky enough to be part of a fantastic Boudoir Workshop in Seattle produced by the incredible people of Creative Live and with non other than Christa Meola, in our opinion the best boudoir photographer in the world.

In Seattle we are learning from the best because we want to make sure what we will give an unforgivable Experience to each and everyone of you!

A Huge Thanks must go to Creative Live, whose approach to teaching photography is not just innovative, but opens the doors to a new level of creative quality. We owe them something to allow us to learn from the Best!

We have been challenged to bring our own style photographing some of the real women that were so kind to pose for us during the workshop. We were also lucky enough to push our boundaries incorporating a man in the images, but as Christa Meola said… “In Boudoir it is all about the women, and the men are just a prop to let them shine more!

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