What to do when your customers are not entirely happy of your products?

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Your customer enquired about a Boudoir Experience with you, she booked you, she got photographed by you and she loves her images; However, when she holds her products in her hands, you can see her smile vanishing and she politely say that what she though she would have gotten is not exactly what she can see now.
How can you make sure she gets happy and why should you care about it?
We will also tell you a real story about something like this that happened at Faby and Carlo – London Boudoir Photography, not so long ago, and how we transformed a possibly dangerous situation in a positive outcome!

Why Should You Care?

The most important thing to understand is why we should care about our customers’ happiness, in particular when they are your Ideal Customers. If you have photographed a woman, getting close with her, capturing her essence, you should feel like being a friend. And you care about your friends’ happiness, don’t you? Moreover in a world where word of mouth is paramount and one of the most important resources to getting new client, someone who speaks highly of you is better than someone who speaks badly. Much better!
At London Boudoir Photography we want every one of our customers to speak highly of us, we want them to feel that they are getting the best Boudoir Experience and service money can buy. Customers’ satisfaction is on the top of our list!

Take Responsibility

The first step to do when mishaps happen is to take full responsibility with the customers.

No excuses, no ifs, no buts, no blames.

Even if the issue is not yours, even if you could not have controlled the issue with; for example, the provider who prints your products; you are the only person your customer should deal with. You will be able to deal with the issue without your customer in front of you, but if you really care about her.
Please remember that shielding yourself behind any excuse, or blaming anyone else for the situation will not solve anything. On the contrary, blaming someone else for something your customer does not like will only lower your perceived professionalism.

Find a Solution

We have taken full responsibility, avoiding blaming anyone in the process? Great, now it is time to sort the issue. You need to understand exactly what is your customer’s issue and how you can fix it. Listen carefully to what she has to say and use your knowledge to find alternative solutions. If she doesn’t like the way the images are printed, reprint them. Last, but not least, if you cannot devise any strategy to solve the issue, offer a full refund with your excuses.
Hey, wait, did I just implied that you should be loosing money?
Hell yes! And you should do it with a smile on your face. An ideal customer is not worth bad publicity, and if she is not satisfied by your product you should also learn a lesson: you are a better at sales than at product selection! Jokes aside, you should always learn from these events.

Go the Extra Mile

Have you sorted out the glitch? Did you make absolutely sure that your customer is happy about the outcome, even if this means a full refund? Great, now you can do something more.

Yes, more.

For your ideal customers you should go the extra mile, you should make them feel as special as they really are, as each and everyone of them was your only client. How to do it is entirely up to you, but let us tell you a story about one of our customers who was not happy about her product!

Our Personal Story

In July we photographed Ms A. She had a great personal story behind her Boudoir Experience with us at London Boudoir Photography. She thoroughly enjoyed the process, the Experience, the photo session and the viewing session. She also loved her images and she decided to buy a sensible amount of them; however, when she got her beautiful Folio Box, she was not as happy as she should be. You see, to mount our images in the boards, every photo lose some space as part of the paper have to go underneath the board to allow the mounting, but she did not understand it. She loved her images so much that when she saw them slightly cropped, she felt she was missing something.
I try to tell every single customer that the images lose some space on the border when mounted, but either she did not understand it, or I forgot to tell. Whose mistake is this? Ours, 100% ours. So it happens in this occasion that our printer was not generous with the prints, and the trim was removing part of the image already. Whose fault was that? Ours, 100% ours.
Ms A. was mortified to tell us that she did not like the final result, but we immediately took responsibility and we apologised for the issue. We asked her if she would have loved to see her images re-printed with the borders reduced as much as possible. She said she would, so this is what we did: we reprinted the photos, adding some borders around them to minimise the mounting crop. We did more actually: we printed two version, one with a pixel perfect border (the margin for error was 1mm each side) and one with a more conservative area. Then we ordered a new Folio Box and we mounted the images for Ms A.
When she saw the new version she was delighted with the result, as that was she dreamt to have. When she offered to return the previous Box, the one she did not fall in love with, we told her that she could keep it. We knew that was not the one she loved, but maybe her fiancee would have appreciated his own copy.
But we went one step further: in the new box we placed a voucher for a free session with us. She could have use it herself another time or she could gift it to someone else. That was our way to say “we are really sorry“.
The moral of the story is very simple: our customers pay a premium and they should receive a premium.

Are you as proud of your customers’ satisfaction as we are?

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