The Day I Stopped Comparing My Boudoir Photography

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In these weeks, I am very active in launching “The Boudoir Observer“, a magazine that focuses on Boudoir photography. The intention behind is to raise awareness of Boudoir Photography in the UK, showcasing the work of many talented photographers. One of the reaction to this project has been: aren’t you advertising your competitor? The truth is that “London Boudoir Photography” as Faby and Carlo has no competitor.
From the day we stopped comparing our images to those of other Boudoir Photographers we realised that we don’t need someone else to judge our work but our customers. We realised that is not through comparing our photos with those of some other photographers that we can get better.
The day we stopped comparing my boudoir photography with the one of others has been the day I gave myself permission to focus on my style. And it has been an incredible victory.

There are Signals and there are Noises, in Boudoir Photography as well!

Zack Arias is a fantastic music and advertising photographer from Atlanta. With his approach, he is one of the people who helped me shape the photographer I am today. He made me realise that it is ok being yourself, it is ok shooting with just one light, it is ok not to have the need of the newest and most expensive gears in the market
In the past I loved “Transform” one of his videos, and I have recently discovered “Signal & Noise“, another fantastic piece of introspectional video.

Comparing yourself to others is noise, it doesn’t give you anything. Comparing ourselves washes away who we are, and lowers the respect for ourselves.
Boudoir Photography is still a niche market, especially in the UK, therefore we should and try to focus our efforts in making our strengths coming out. By copying another style of boudoir photography we just become who we are not.

Competitions VS Collaboration

There is another video which is extremely important in my life is the 1997 “Think Different” advert from Apple:
While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do

We don’t see competitors in the market, we see photographers who have or are developing their styles. They do not have our style, they don’t offer our Experience and they are not Faby and Carlo from London Boudoir Photography. Whoever they are, they are not us, so they do not focus on the same customers we do. Why should we see them as competitors?
The day I stopped comparing my boudoir photography to the one of others, I realised that there is space for collaboration, not competition. Synergy is the word I want to use, using each other channels, expanding them and helping each other to promote Boudoir.

Being Positive in your own Space

The day I stopped comparing myself to other photographers for our style of boudoir photography few magical things happens:

  • I stopped being so self critical because my images were not like “hers”
  • I had more time to listen to what I really wanted
  • I accepted the fact that I have a style and I like it
  • I stopped trying to copy what others do better than me, focusing to enhance what I do best
  • I enjoyed my lack of negativity

No good can come out of comparing yourself, but a lot of good things may happen when you stop doing it. As Zack Arias says “Comparing yourself to others: noise. Learning how to light: signal
Look for the signal in your life, not the noise!

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