Destination Boudoir Photography: Venice

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Differently from what many people think, being a professional photographer is not all glamorous. Boudoir Photography is about the beauty of women, but there is hard work behind it. We have to confess, though, that there are moments in which being a Boudoir Photographer is exactly as glamorous as it seems. This past weekend, Fabiana and I had the possibility to photograph an incredible woman and her man in Venice. We flew back to our Italy, and welcomed by a very London weather and a lot of “Acqua Alta“, we had an incredible Boudoir Photography Experience.
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Destination Boudoir Photography

Some love their safe studios, with their lights and the repeatability. Others love the thrill of traveling and shooting in exotic locations, being Destination Boudoir Photographers. As photographers, we love both. We love to create our signature style image for our Boudoir Photography, and we try to make it happen everywhere in the world. Being specialised in shooting with natural light, we welcome the challenges, we welcome shooting in environments that are different from our beloved London.
Have you ever considered being photographed in any destination around the world? I would love to go back to the sunny and white beaches of Thailand, but the weak spot in our hearts is for Venice.

Venice Boudoir Photography

Venice is not new to us. Apart from being really close to our hometown, it is one of the places we love more in the entire world. Italy’s beauty is renown, and Venice is simply… magic. Venice is also a place where we have photographed a lot of times. Its magic, its unique environment, the beauty of its style make it an incredible location for a Boudoir Experience.
For our style, the challenges are real. If you have ever been to Venice –and if you haven’t you should– you know that despite the natural Italian brightness, house windows are not really huge. This means that natural light is hard to channel and some of the shoot we are used to produce have to be re-thought. Despite that, we Love our Venice Boudoir Photography!

The Challenges of Destination Boudoir Photography

If, as a photographer, you plan to become a Destination Boudoir Photographer like us, there are things you should consider. Expenses, light, weight of the equipment and language are only few of these. In the next week, we will dig deeper in all these elements, trying to give you the insight of the glamorous and un-glamorous sides of photographing away from the comfort of your studio. To anticipate what you will be able to read in the next few weeks, I would say that for being a Destination Boudoir Photographer you need to be flexible and adapt to ever-changing situations. If you feel like being like us, being a Destination Boudoir Photographer is as glamorous as it can get!

Ms K and Mr J: Thank You!

Special thanks should go to Ms K and Mr J. They have been absolutely lovely. They trusted us 100% and lived the Boudoir Photography Experience at its max. They also shared a fantastic dinner with us (if you are in Venice, check the Osteria Moceningo out, it is amazing), and the time spent together seemed time spent with friends.
They were also so kind to allow us to use the images you find in this page. Thanks!

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