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Detaching from results is one of the most liberating and positive things you can do while shooting. Too many times during a photo session, photographers are concentrated on what the subject, client or editor will think about the final results. When we switch to this way of thinking, we stop being present in the shoot, jeopardising what we know how to do best!

Detaching from results does not mean stop caring

One of the most important things you should keep in mind is that detaching from results does not mean stop caring for your work. On the contrary, detaching from results means you can focus on what you are good at: taking photographs.
The moment we start thinking what the person in front of us is hoping for, we start sharing her perspective, her point on view. In that moment we lose our advantage point, the professionalism we bring on the table, what we are actually paid for.

Self confidence is for us photographers as well

In the pages of this blog, we have spoken at length about self confidence, most of the time when we were speaking to women. The truth is that we, photographers, desperately need to be confident. Knowing that we are going to produce stunning photographs is what fuels stunning photographs, it is the right message behind “fake it till you make it”. Detaching from results means avoid asking ourselves too questions when we are photographing, it means avoid injecting doubts and self criticism in our work. This is a healthy thing to do, and it does not mean that we don’t care about the person in front of us, or what she is hoping to get; on the contrary it means that by hiring us they trust our vision and our experience, and by detaching from results, we can focus on those things.

Stop looking at your photographs while you are shooting

One of our mantra is that we don’t show photos to our subject while we are photographing them. No exceptions. We do it because the risk of showing the “wrong image” that will jeopardise our subjects’ confidence is too high. A woman that loses her confidence because she sees a bad photograph in a sea of brilliant ones is not worth the risk; however, why do we photographers think that this does not apply to us? What happens when we don’t detach from results and we peek at every photo we take, scrutinising that little screen on the back of our cameras? Don’t we focus on results more than living the moment for the client in front of us?
So maybe Leica is right in shipping a camera without a screen, returning to the origin of photography may not be a bad thing after all.

Be in the moment

I believe that the idea behind meditation, living the moment, focusing on the present. It helps me achieve a great inner calm, and with it I can reach my goals easier. Detaching from results when I am photographing helps me achieve the same: I am not distracted by what other people may think, especially considering I won’t try and second guess what they think when they will see the photographs. Doing that is only detrimental to my present and to my ability to capture the right moment.

“What others think of me is none of my business”

This is one of my saying, one of those I treasure dearly. In avoiding second guessing what other thinks of me or my photographs, or even what they think about it, doesn’t change me. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome criticism and I listen to what I am told, but one thing is to value others’ opinion, the other is let others’ opinion change who I am.
One thing to remember is that we won’t be able to be everyone’s cup of tea, hence there is no way you can satisfy everyone. So, in my opinion, the best thing to do is to try your hardest to be yourself. When you take photos of your client, just be yourself and focus on what you are doing, not what your subject may or may nor think or feel when they see your photos.

And on top of everything, when you shoot remember to have fun!

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