Erotica Boudoir: How to Listen to Feedback

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How many times did you read us saying that you have to be true to your style? Erotica Boudoir is becoming a signature of our style. We know it is not for everyone, but you know we never aim to please everyone. We aim to produce work that our ideal customers want to see and watch and dream for themselves. This week, though, we have listened to some feedback we received on how to make Erotica Boudoir more “interesting“. The result is what you can watch just after the break.

As we said, we listened to some feedback we received; however, it is necessary for you to realise that not all feedback is the right one for you. Art is personal, and when it involves delicate themes as Erotica Boudoir does, you need to take comments with a pinch of salt.

Not all Feedback is the Right Ones

One of the things you need to realise is that not all feedback is right for you. Erotica Boudoir has some great comments in these weeks, but not all the suggestions that were given were on target. You need to filter what you are told on your art: you are the artist and you should shape what you want and love to produce.

Hear from Everyone, Listen to the Right Ones

You should hear out every comment and feedback you receive on your work. Even when this feedback are criticism, you should hear them out, all of them; however, you have to remember that not everyone share your view and to follow everyone’s advice would simply be impossible. You should learn to understand what to hear and what to listen to. Some people are not your intended audience, and they won’t make the difference; not being committed to your art, how can they help you make it better? That said, there are many people who have very interesting things to say, so do not discard a comment just because they come from the wrong type of audience, but start realising that appealing to everyone is a lost cause, whilst appealing to your true audience is the real goal.

Ask Why

Few weeks ago someone commented “Your Erotica Boudoir: Ms A is much better than the first one“. Great, Fabulous, ego massaged. But the only way you can make your art better is to understand how and why it was better than the first one. What was that comment all about? Was it about the movements of the model, the type of shoots, the music… why was “Ms A” better than the first “Erotica Boudoir“? Trust me when I tell you that having your ego pampered by lavish comment is not as fabulous as having someone to tell you why your art is good or bad.

Filter feedback by applying your experience

If we had to apply every feedback we got from Erotica Boudoir, we would have shoot one video more explicit, one more covered, one in colour, another with different angles, one keeping only the body in the shoot and another with more light. You cannot listen to everyone, but you can filter the feedback through your experience, through what you know and understand. Make sure you hear everything, but remember that you are the artist, and you should be proud of what you produce!

Your Thoughts about Erotica Boudoir?

So, what do you think about this new instalment of Erotica Boudoir? Did you like the story we wrote around, or is it distracting you from the video itself? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Are you daring enough to be in one of these videos? Of course, they are For Your Eyes Only, but should you like what you saw, contact us to chat about it!

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