Fuji X-Pro2 in the hands of a Boudoir Photographer

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In the past weeks I have been lucky enough to put my hands on the new Fuji X-Pro2. Being used to my x100t, the Fuji X-Pro2 felt a bit heavy at first, but then I compared the bulkiness of a Canon 5D and the Fuji X-Pro2 felt light and inconspicuous as its predecessor. In the weeks I have had it in my hands, the Fuji X-Pro2 grew on me; it grew not as “the perfect camera“, but as a great companion. AS we featured many other cameras, the way I will speak about the Fuji X-Pro2 will be from the perspective of a boudoir photographer, who love to “feel” the camera more than measuring its pro and con in technical specs.
So, how do I like the Fuji X-Pro2?

Fuji X-Pro2: a quick verdict

Yes, I love the new Fuji X-Pro2. It is a fantastic camera for many reasons, and its negative sides are not strong enough to stop it form being amazing. As I mentioned above, the Fuji X-Pro2 is not perfect (no camera is), but it is a fantastic camera in the hand of a boudoir photographer. One of the things that made me fell in love with the X-Pro1 was its form factor, which the Fuji X-Pro2 keeps. The ability to keep my left eye completely exposed to my subject, allowing me to look at the bigger picture without being locked inside a frame, is a unique bonus. In this post I am not going to disect the camera for all its features, I am sure there are many amazing photographers who did it already. I am going to point out the Pro and Con I have discovered so far.

The Pro of the Fuji X-Pro2

My overall feeling is that the Fuji X-Pro2 is a fantastic camera, balanced, with great features. Amongst all the upgrades, these are the things that hit me the most:

  • JPG This camera shoots in JPG like an angel, and the new Black and White simulation, Acros, is sublime. I am not kidding, the JPG files coming out from the Fuji X-Pro2 are just beautiful.
  • Dual card I was one of those who always dismissed the dual card in a camera, but once I found its use, I love it. Seen that the camera shoot JPG in such an amazing way, I set up the camera to save the RAW files on the first card and the JPG on the second.
  • Focus Joystick I love it. It is the single most used button in the Fuji X-Pro2. It is quick, it allows me to minimise the refocussing and once you get the gist out of it, it is great!
  • Focus Screen The single most important improvement to the small screen you can have while using the OVF is that it now shows you the area where your focus is, not the central area like in the x100t. Despite being in awe for the little screen, I rarely use it on the small x100t because it is not natural for me. With the Fuji X-Pro2 things change: no matter which focus point you use (and thanks to the focus joystick it is easy to use them) you can immediately see the exposure and the focus in that part of your frame
  • Menu The new menu is much better than the previous one. This is a small one, but it is something that made me happy! :)
  • Focus Yes, it is a step forward from the x100s and the X-E2

The Con of the Fuji X-Pro2

I am not sure of the new ISO switch. It looks lovely and it bring me back to the first Konica I had; however, back in the days of film, you changed ISO once every roll of film, nowadays I use the ISO a lot, and changing it is not as quick as it can be. I have read many photographers dubious about the durability of the switch, but I am more concerned about its functionality. In this case the Fuji X-Pro2 is form over function, and to me the ISO switch is one of those things where function should come first.
The other thing that makes me think is that ability to save only certain functionality in the “My Menu”. I have written about the fact that the new menu is better than the old one, but the huge advantage of having a customisable menu is ruined by the fact that I can’t put the things I really need: format, select save method in the card and things like these.

Is the Fuji X-Pro2 worth it?

With its predecessor being three years old, the Fuji X-Pro2 is a huge step forward. Fuji seems to have learned many things from all the other cameras they created, and the Fuji X-Pro2 is the result of their “kaizen” process. If you compare the two “Pro” bodies, the Fuji X-Pro2 is a clear winner; however, comparing price and features, the X-E2 is still a contender.
The camera is worth every penny, it is reliable and, overall, a great camera.

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  • John Colson

    I must confess that the ISO dial is the reason I won’t be buying this camera (well that and the lack of a flippy screen!). I played with it a lot in Vegas recently and loved everything about it other than that dial. Like you I change ISO a lot and it just felt like it would break after moderate use. So no x-pro2 for me!

    • Carlo Nicora

      Hi John,

      The dial is a minor issue, and I still think that the camera is great. The focus joystick is just perfect and that alone could the killer feature. Of course it depends on what you are using at the moment! :)

      • John Colson

        Carlo, I kinda disagree… the ISO dial to me is a big issue… it just felt like it would break with nothing more than moderate use over a relatively short period of time. I still shoot film and am familiar with this kind of dial but obviously it doesn’t get changed as much as it would with digital. Maybe Fuji will update the firmware to allow ISO changes to be made with a thumbwheel (apologies if you already can… I couldn’t find it when testing the camera out) but I just couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a camera where I felt a very important aspect might break at any time! I hope I am wrong as I couldn’t really fault the rest of the camera but that for me was a step too far.

        Hope you are well :-)


        • Carlo Nicora

          Hi John,

          I think it is a personal take on this. The ISO dial can become an issue, and I hope that Fuji will solve the issue allowing to change the ISO via software (if they do already I haven’t yet found how). I believe that the dial won’t break easily; that said it is a personal approach.
          To me the little joystick to select the focus point is almost perfect, and one of the main reason why they X-Pro2 is top notch! :D

          Thanks for your comments and happy to discuss further!

  • Shane Butler

    if I may ask, what are your preferred acros jpg settings on xpro2

    • Carlo Nicora

      Hi Shane,

      I use the Acros with the red filter, but I leave the rest of the JPG settings as they are. I haven’t had the camera for long enough to experiment, but the file that comes out is pretty good IMHO

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