How to Handle Photography Prices Questions

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“I really love your style, but I find your photography prices quite high…”
If you have heard this at least once, raise your hands. If you haven’t, expect to receive one if your photography prices go anywhere away from the high street photography prices. There are many truths behind photography prices and how to position yourself in the market, but how we discussed already in the past, you should have your photography prices written black on white, for many reasons. Today we will tell you how to deal with customers who challenge your photography prices.

Know the Reasons Behind Your Photography Prices

Have you made your math? Have you calculated your costs and revenues? Have you checked the time you spend producing your customers’ products?
If you haven’t and your photography prices appear out of thin air, you should consider putting some efforts behind it. Pricing your images is an art, not a science, nonetheless you should start from a logical calculation.
Having a thought process behind your numbers is the first milestone to handle questions on your photography prices.

Set Your Photography Prices in Stone

One of the mistakes photographers often do, is to leave their prices unwritten. For how trivial it may seem, having your photography prices on a piece of paper make them real and enforceable. Next time you will have an enquiry, you will not have to conjure your photography prices out of thin air; you will look at your price list and you will tell them as they are.
As photography is a type of art, it is impossible to have a standard in prices, therefore, it is easy to be willing to lower them in order to secure the customer; however, if you have done your math, you know why your photography prices are the ones in your price list.

Explain What Can Be Explained

When we are faced with questions about our prices, we are as open as possible. This means that if a person wants to know why we sell a large print at a specific price, then we will explain what’s behind it. Of course, we won’t go into details about our Cost of Business or Cost of Life, but we try to be as transparent as possible. Behind a photo there is more than paper, there is hard work, experience, knowledge ,time and investments.
Would you ask to buy a Van Gogh for a tenner just because that is what the canvas on which it is painted on is worth?

Be Truthful, Gentle and Fearless

These are not my words, but Gandhi’s. As a business owner, we should remember that we have to make a living out of photography and that there is a reason behind your photography prices. Do you want to have three customers in a day, producing 50 cheap books every month and keep the prices very low? It is your business choice! Do you want to spend time for your customers, avoiding being a serial photographer, keeping your prices higher to maintain your business? Great!
My point is that you are the one who should decide your business direction, not your customers. You serve them, but your photography prices are yours, not theirs.
Be Truthful: your customers deserve it. Don’t hide prices and don’t try to trick them into thinking you are cheaper than you really are.
Be Gentle: questions on photography prices are to be expected, and you should explain why your prints cost £100 and not £1.
Be Fearless: if a customer cannot afford you, or does not want to, she is not your customer. I am much more afraid of selling myself cheap than losing a lead.

Remember how much you are worth

In the end, you should remember how much you are worth. Your photography prices should reflect your brand, your experience and the quality of your work. Your photography prices should tell you how much you are worth, and you should stick to them.
And as always in the sales process, don’t think with your customers’ wallet and don’t be too willing to fill the silences.


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