How does A Wife and Husband Team works in Photography?

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We are often asked if having a man photographing boudoir is not something detrimental as it may scare some customers away. Truth is that we are never a woman photographer and a man photographer, we are a husband and wife team, even when we photograph separately. From the initial communication with the women we photograph, to making sure to provide the best Experience ever to each and every customer, we are not two separate entities and the approach of “Faby and Carlo” is a strange mix in which we collaboratively bring something on the table. What are the key elements of this and how this is, in our opinion, a winning strategy for our customers?

The Power of Two under one Common Vision

Fabiana and I have done a lot of the road to be where we are; as persons, business persons and photographer we have walked a long path, one that will probably never end. We have always considered ourselves complimentary one to each other, and we have always maintained our independent self; however, in dealing with our customers we have one voice and one style as our efforts ate targeted to providing a quality in our services. The style we have in dealing with our customers and in photographing them is, therefore, something in which we both believe, but that is not the creation of just one of us. It is a vision that took the best out of her and the best out of me.

Whose photo is it?

A couple of years ago it was clear which one of us had taken a specific image. Our style in photography was rougher than today and had a defined, personal vision. There was something in each image we shot that had the strengths and weaknesses of one. Today a lot have changed, and the most visible impact has been on the photos we take. Fabiana and I had always played a positive competition game, in which either of us was trying to learn from the photos of the other. This, spread in the past years of shooting shoulder to shoulder, has transformed the way we see the world. Our photos, today, are the photos of “Faby and Carlo” and it is extremely hard for us to know whose photo is a specific one.

The softness of a woman’s view, the intensity of a man’s

In Fabiana’s photos I have always admired her ability to capture the soft side every woman has. I was jealous of the small details she was keeping into consideration while shooting. In my photos, Fabiana has always found that rough intensity I have always been able to frame. She was reluctant to play a role I which a direct and often strong emotion was conveyed and captured. Today we have learned from each other and, even more valuable than that, we have learned to mix the two personal visions in someone that is more powerful than before.

We are no Batman and Robin

Nobody, and I believe this to be one of the key elements of our success, have ever been the sidekick of the other. We have always enjoyed slightly different roles (that we are able to swap without troubles), but we have always relied on the fact that we were a couple shooting together, where no one was “the boss” (even if I always refer to Fabiana as “The Boss” and if you have met her you know what I mean). Our photographing together works so well because we trust each other and we know that the other will always be there for us.

Shooting in pair is a fantastic experience

If you have never tried shooting shoulder to shoulder with another photographer, it is an experience you should try. I am not saying that it is easy as it requires a lot of patience, understanding, calm, and awareness; however, once mastered it completes each other photography, making it easier to deal with your subjects. Try it and don’t despair if it is difficult at first after all Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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