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What makes you a good a good photographer?

For a long time I felt ignorant and unsure about my skills and my capability of being a good photographer and sometimes I still am. To overcome that fear I had been consciously tried to conform to rules of “what a good professional photographer does” because of my personal need of belonging to a group.
I really wanted to feel part of something but most of the time photographers – who are mainly men – were all about their gear and I was not interested and could not fit into those conversations. It took me a while to be ok with being just me. And of course I am still working on it because one thing is knowing that you have something unique inside yourself that makes you a good photographer, one thing is realising it.

How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir
How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir

Carlo’s strengths

I have always admired Carlo’s natural ability to make magic moments happen just like that. His portraits are incredible. In his pictures the energy that subjects exude is powerful and beautiful and it is based on Carlo’s unique talent and a simple concept: elegance, grace and beauty have nothing to do with how a person looks. It has all to do with who the person is, their confidence, their charisma and their energy. For this to happen people have to feel comfortable enough to let go of their barriers. They need to feel safe.

When you allow somebody to come forward regardless of how they look from the outside magic happens. That is what I call energy or soul. Others may call it personality but all the same it is something uniquely beautiful. Being a good photographer starts more from here than from any gears and Carlo is a wizard in creating and capturing beautifully powerful images of people even with his Iphone.

How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir
How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir

And Fabiana’s strengths

An important part of any relationship is genuinely connecting with the person in front of you, understanding and letting them know that you are there for them. For them and nobody else. And this is what I am good at because I can listen to women’s heart even if they do not talk because I speak the very same language. Women communicate with their eyes, the way they move and they laugh and I am there to listen and to capture the natural flow of it.
I am maybe more than just a photographer because for me a photo is not art as an abstract concept but it represents the person in front of me. That IS the poem that inspires me as an artist and a good photographer.

Carlo and I want to show in our pictures what our clients want, who they are and especially the way they would love to see themselves.

How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir

How to be a good photographer…or even a better one

As good photographers as long as we appreciate and deliver what our clients want to see in their pictures we will be successful. The secret is developing our skills but more importantly listening to our clients, their suggestions and/or critiques.
There maybe be times in which they will not like what they see or you feel you could have done better but sometimes that is a very good thing. Why? Because it is important feedback we can work on to improve.
Have a form or a very short questionnaire for your clients to fill in so you would know what is their feelings on the overall experience and work to make it from good to outstanding.

How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir

An exciting journey

Being a professional in any field is a journey. We often dream of being one of those overnight successes but in reality very few realise how much work, trial and failure there is behind the scenes of those businesses and people we perceive as successful. They have the right mindset because they have tried and failed in different ways again and again but eventually find what works for them.

We have just to stop and give ourselves some love and accepting that being outstanding at what we do is not the ultimate finish line but exciting work in progress. Improving and learning give us the ability to think and see differently and expand our horizons.
If you want something bad enough you will succeed. It is not a question of “if”, it is just question of “when”.

Do you know what your unique strengths are? Tell us about it.

How To Be A Good Photographer London Boudoir

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