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If you ask how to be successful in photography to ten different photographers, you will get ten different answers. The idea of how to be successful, or better, the idea of what success is, is something personal and you cannot take one single road to lead you to many different places at once. Today I will tell you how to be successful in photography from our perspective, starting from the idea of success.
Let me guide you through the few steps I deem important on how to be successful, from our idea of success to those macro steps that will be the foundation of your success.

What is Success?

If you think that being successful means being on the beach drinking cocktails with a lot of money in a bank, I really like your view; however, if you believe you will find the answer to how to be successful to reach that, I am not sure this is the right post for you. You see, my idea of success is different, and the path that leads there, to how to be successful, is different. The path I know does not lead to sandy beaches (yet).
To me success is doing what you love to do, with the people you love, using the time of your life uniquely. This should also include making the right amount of money to guarantee you and your family economical safety.

How to be successful: a pragmatic approach

First and foremost, those who guaranteed you an overnight success lied. Blatantly. There is no such thing as overnight success, and what all the stories about them forget to mention is the years of hard work, failures, sweating, mistakes and small victories that grew into something bigger. I like to be pragmatic, I like to look at my business today and know that it grew sensibly and regularly for the past four years. When I look at the numbers, I now know that I won’t be in a white beach for six months a year anytime soon. Something else I know is that if we play hard and work smart as we are doing now, one day we will. More importantly, I know that I will enjoy the ride!
Don’t expect a divine light to make you shine in the crowd. I’d rather you believe in yourself, it manages expectations so much better.

How to be successful? Be yourself!

If you read our blog regularly, you know we have told this many times: you have to be yourself. Do you want how to be successful? Be someone no one else can be. Be Yourself.
There are many reasons why you should listen to your instinct to understand how to be successful. First of all if you do what you love, you will enjoy the ride. Being a photographer is not a sprint, it is a long distance run. If you run out of enthusiasm, you run out of gas, and it doesn’t really matter if you reached your success or not; if you run out of enthusiasm you are done. In being yourself, in pursuing what you love to photograph, you keep your passions alive and you can go the extra mile, even when the weather is tough.
Then you have to realise that a big chunk of understanding how to be successful is realising that if you do something nobody else is doing, if you are the only fish in the blue ocean, then you will be much more prone to success. What is more unique than the way you see the world? The subtle tones you see in the light, the emotions you want to see in your images, the way you capture a smile is always going to be a signature of yours.

Just Do It!

Nike has an amazing tagline: just do it. Do you really want to know how to be successful? Do, take risks, make mistakes, screw up and stand up again after every fall. If you have an idea and you love the sound of it, make it happen. Everyone can have ideas, only few make those idea happens. You are still swimming in the same pond with thousands other photographers, it is time you stand out with your ideas, your creativity and your actions. I have always told I am a doer, so it should not be a surprise to see that one of the most important elements in my guide on how to be successful is the part in which you actually do something.

Knowing how to be successful and being successful is about making things happen!

It is time to stand up and make things happen. For me, it is time to let my inner vision go a little bit further, for some of you would probably mean allowing the real you the come out and play.

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