How to Create a Good First Impression Through Your Email Address

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You Do Not Have a Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression

Imagine you are trying to decide to step out of your comfort zone to be photographed in your underwear. You are already tense, still pondering if this is the right thing to do, and you receive the reply to your enquiry from pipino8278[at] What would your honest reaction be? First Impression is key to make sure your leads perceive your values and you need to convey your professionalism from the first contact. Your email should always come from your domain, not from a free service as this is one of the things that makes a Good First Impression.
More than that I am sure you won’t react positively if someone, shaking your hand, would present himself as ak_9_4_71. If face to face we expect a name, why should we expect anything less when dealing with someone via email?
Your email should not necessarily be your name, there are many instances in which a different name can be equally good. Fabiana and I, for example, work on the same email address to manage our customers, so we have opted for as it is welcoming and warm.

Your Name To Accompany Your Email Address

Whenever you create an account in your mail application, you can decide if to associate your email address to a name. It is vital that you do it, that you make an address more welcoming. As I just wrote, Fabiana and I respond to the email but the address is associated to “Carlo and Fabiana Nicora”. Just doing this the email you receive from us come from “Carlo and Fabiana Nicora –” and not just from the email address. We are not an automated service and being personable is extremely important to provide good first impressions to people!

A Hotmail, Gmail or Facebook Account doesn’t Give a Professional Idea of You

It does not matter if your email is your name, when your email comes from a free email services it does not speak quality. You may have used the same service for years, but if you have a business relying on a free service is dangerous. This does not mean you should not use a free service to maintain your email, it means that your email address should be coming from your domain and not from gmail.
Sending an email from your domain presents you in a professional way and gives the receiver the possibility to check your domain straight away.

Making a Good First Impression With Your Email Address

Having Your Own Domain Name

If you own your domain already, managing all your emails through it is simple. More than that it can be free. We use Google Apps that allows us to use the same functionality of Gmail to power up our own email! In few easy steps you can set up your own domain email. Even if you have everything gmail can already offer you with its free accounts, the email you can get through Google Apps are sent from your domain address (in our case It is a powerful solution I highly recommend because it will cost you nothing and at the same time it will work wonders for your credibility.

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  • David Hammonds

    Oh, yes. Freebie email addresses used for business are a real bugbear of mine – especially if they sound comedic.

    I may well switch to Gmail+mydomain.

    While I get email with my hosting provider that generally works well it’s POP-based and a little glitchy using Apple Mail. The webmail front-end is archaic.

  • Carlo Nicora

    We have been using Gmail for years now and never had a glitch. From time to time I backup everything I can, however its services are great!
    (and because we use the web-based email we are not worried about IMAP/POP issues!)

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