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We have often said that one of the most important element in managing a business is to get organised. Get organised means knowing where your photography business is and where it is going. Long terms goals, as well as day to day tasks, makes a huge difference when they are clear. To get organised you need a method, a way of keeping everything under your eyes.

This organisation should be both at a mental and task level, as the two are strictly related. To achieve a mental order I need to be mono tasking, my mind must be empty of noises, thoughts, ideas. I need to move everything that floats in my mind somewhere else, where I can recall it when I need. To get organised in this way, I use asana; however, this is just one of the many options you have.

Do you want to know how to get organised?

One step at the time

There is no better way to walk and run than to put one step in front of the other. One, just one. I am one of those who think that multitasking is not good.

If I am focussing on one task, I don’t do another one. While I am writing this blog post, there is nothing else that distracts me. The phone is away, the noises from the outside world are covered by music, twitter and other notifications are switched off, and the only thing I can access is a piece of paper and a pen. I want to finish this post in the next 10 minutes, and I am going to do it, as I won’t have other distractions.

To get organised you need to focus

My mental order comes from focussing on the task I am doing now. It is like meditation: you need to focus on the present. Focus means having your mind where it belongs, giving the 100% of your attention to what you are doing. Remove all the clutter from your desk, from your mind, from your computer desktop. Make sure that your mind does not wonder on other things you have to do.

The only distraction I allow myself it a piece of paper and a pen, or an asana tab in my browser, to write thoughts down should they arise. I don’t linger on them, I don’t analyse them; I just write them down. I am focussing on something else and I will make sure the new thoughts are there for later, when I will be able to fix them somewhere.

Spending time to put clarity in tasks to get organised

My idea of clarity is having a list of things to do. It cannot get as simpler as that. Some tasks are very generic and contains long term goals, some others are very granular and detailed. The key to get organised is to invest some time every day, even more than once a day, to keep the tasks up to date.

When an idea pops in my mind, I write it down. Then when I start putting some sense to the ideas, reserving time to it, I simply analyse those ideas. If they are too broad, I try to divide them. If they will have to be done in the future, I put deadlines. If they takes few minutes to be completed, I do them there and then.

One of my tasks is, therefore, organising tasks.

Don’t rely on your beautiful mind

I am sure you are smart and intelligent. I know you have amazing analytical skills. Nonetheless, using your brain to get organised is a bad option in 2015. My mind, for how “brilliant” does not remind me my friends’ birthdays every day, nor it has enough clarity to show me a roadmap that is going to get me to success.

Give your mind the ability and space to focus on completing the tasks, not the one to keep them organised. In moving your organisation from your mind to paper (or asana, or GTD methods) you will gain clarity. It is like living in a minimalistic house: the less clutter, the more simple is to get organised. I have been trying to get rid of clutter from our house, and the more we managed to achieve our goals, the happier I felt.

Stop being judgemental

One word of advice: the more you rely on your mind to do a “getting things done” role, the more things you will forget. The more you will forget, the easier it will be to blame yourself. Stop that. Be gentle and kind with yourself. To get organised you just need a clean desk, a repository of ideas, and your photography business with thrive.

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