Not Being Judgemental Means Respecting Your Customers

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The world is judgemental towards women. They are under the microscope for the way they dress, the way their bodies look like and the way the move. They are constantly bombarded by adverts and magazines who tell them they are not enough. No woman is enough for the media, and this is sad and dangerous. They are told what they should wear, how much they should weight and how they shouldn’t grow old. They are so under cross fire, that society tells them what they should want for themselves and what they shouldn’t.
As Boudoir Photographers, we aim to know the women we have in front of us for what they are and what they like. We try our hardest to see behind the curtains that every woman use to shields herself as this is the only way of giving them what they really want. Truth is that there is one traits that can break rapport: being judgemental. If being judgemental in your day to day life is a personal approach, being judgemental as a boudoir photographer means lacking respect towards your customers. They open to you, they allow you to capture their images while they are vulnerable, and being judgemental with them would mean betraying they trust.

Oh, so you shoot naked chicks?

If we had a penny every time someone gave us “that look” when we told them we are Boudoir Photographers, we could have free coffee for a long time. Truth is that… yes, we do shoot women with little on, and we are proud of it. More importantly we are proud of them: every woman that undresses to gain confidence, to being reassured that she is beautiful is a woman we respect for her courage and self respect.
How could we be judgemental towards them? We would be hypocritical.
If, in being judgemental, you don’t respect your customers for what they want in their images, how do you respect yourself?

Your Limits as a Boudoir Photographer

To Faby and Carlo, Boudoir Photography is synonyms of elegance. It does not matter what you wear or what you don’t; the photographs we produce should always be elegant and with a certain style. We are never judgemental as we respect this style and we know that as long as our customers are on the same line, we will be able to give them what they are looking for. There is a line, though, that for us defines what Boudoir Photography is; if we feel that someone wants more, with images that deviates from what we are good at creating, we simply steer away from them. Should we accept them as customers to get their money, becoming judgemental as we don’t share what they are looking for, we would just lose the respect in ourselves.
Do you set your limits in order to maintain the respect towards your customers?

Being Judgemental breaks the Trust

A boudoir photographer who is judgemental towards a customer is a boudoir photographer without customers.
Women are empathic creatures, and they are not easily fooled. If you become judgemental, rest assured they will feel it. How would you feel if someone is judgemental towards you? Now try to imagine how would you feel if someone is judgemental in the moment you decide to step outside your comfort zone, challenging what the media tells you is right. Is “backstabbed” a word that would describe this? In our opinion, it would. A Boudoir Photographer who is judgemental with her customers is damaging them, undoing what boudoir should be about: gifting women self confidence.

We are never judgemental with our customer. We respect them, and we treat them as we would treat good friends. This ensures that they feel safe in being themselves. Photographing a woman in such state is a pleasure and gives her much more than just a Boudoir Photo.

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