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I am a female photographer and I tend to choose tools that are both practical and – possibly – feminine when it comes to my profession.
I wanted a camera bag that reflected my personal style while being a safe place for my camera to be stored when travelling, or shooting on location. Until a couple of years ago it would have been an impossible quest, but now more and more women are becoming photographers and – thank goodness – some companies are now making beautiful and fun camera straps and camera bags.

After weeks of researching and comparing I decided to buy B-Hobo Heather Grey camera bag by Kelly Moore and I love it. So, I want to give my honest review on my new Kelly Moore B-Hobo camera bag to help all those fellow female photographers looking for something more than a boring, black and manly looking camera bag.

Help! I need a camera bag that looks stylish

In August Carlo and I went to Australia for a wedding. Australia is a long way from home and there are a lot of planes, international airports, and borders to go through. We had to choose wisely what equipment to bring with us, for it to be manageable and easy to carry around.

Up until some time ago, both Carlo and I were Canon shooters, and all the camera bags were huge to accommodate bulky camera bodies and lenses. It has been roughly a year that we happily converted to Fuji and now our equipment is lighter and more enjoyable. So, I suddenly realised that I needed a new camera bag that suited my new professional choice. But I did not want the usual manly looking, black, and boring camera bag. Enough of those!
I was looking for a light, feminine, and practical camera bag that did not look like a camera bag to take anywhere with me, especially when on location.
Carlo fell in love with his ONA Bowery camera bag almost immediately, I ended up researching for weeks before deciding for my beautiful Kelly Moore B-Hobo Heather Grey camera bag.

In my search I googled “stylish camera bags” because in my mind that was one of the priorities. I wanted a camera bag that looked feminine. At first I fell in love with a beautiful Pompidoo camera bag, but the company never responded to any of my tweets or e-mails asking for info about suppliers and delivery time in the UK, so I abandoned the idea of getting one because let down by its customer service. And especially for that price, I expected at least a reply, sorry.
I then stumbled upon Kelly Moore and its beautiful products.

B-Hobo camera bag by Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore has many colours camera bags, many styles available, and all at quite a reasonable price.
I loved almost immediately the B-Hobo because it looked spacious enough without being heavy or bulky.
I was super excited when my new Kelly Moore arrived.
The package was lovely and a bit casual, as I like it.
I chose the B-Hobo Heather Grey because it goes well with any outfits, in any occasion and in any season. I made a conservative choice thinking that I live and work mainly in the UK where “professional” colours are grey, black, blue and brown. I would have loved to buy the green one instead for fun and to be a bit different. Never mind, maybe the next Kelly Moore I will buy.

The metal work of the Kelly Moore is matt (love!), and of course it is scratched a bit after weeks of use, but it is barely noticeable.
2 big plus are the internal pocket that are big enough to contain what is needed (tissues, keys, tampons, etc.), and the external one that is wide and deep enough to contain your Kindle, a wallet, and even the mobile phone.
There are two lateral open pockets to slide the phone in, and they are perfect size even for my new iPhone 6 that is bigger than the precedents versions.
The two front zipped pockets are ok to carry business cards and not much more because they are very flat and they do not fit much, but they are there for extra room, if needed.

The fact the B-Hobo camera bag by Kelly Moore has 2 different straps to be carried both on the shoulder or across the body is super amazing! It is fine to have it on your shoulder when you go around carrying a camera, but then it becomes impossible to photograph at the same time without the bag falling off your shoulder onto your forearm. Dangerous stuff and very little professional looking. So, great plus to have both the possibilities.
And the padding on the shoulder is perfect to carry your gear across the body without your shoulder aching after 10 minutes.

If you need to shoot a wedding, the B-Hobo camera bag by Kelly Moore is slim enough to allow you to move around tables without knocking out stuff or bother people. Plus the material is water resistant that is so important here in the UK…!

The flap over of the bag is a great feature because I can leave it open when I need to take out any piece of equipment fast and easy, and to close it when I want to protect my gear.

The padded inserts for the camera are one removable piece. So when you do not have your camera gear with you, it becomes a bag. Many camera bags have the padded inserts attached directly inside the lining of the bag, making it impossible to bring a scarf with you. If you try, your scarf will be ruined by the velcro.

Areas of improvement

For this women who are extremely attentive to details, maybe the stitching and the lining could be done better. It is ok, but not perfect. Nothing that bothers me at all, but especially the internal lining I found it maybe a bit…flashy (mine is fuchsia).

The main zip could be a little smoother. Sometimes it is a bit difficult because the material creases a bit, but I do not find it an issue at all. I just need to use two hands to close it.

The two front pockets are not extremely useful as not wide enough to contain a Kindle, and too narrow to easily slide a mobile phone.

I have been using my B-Hobo camera bag by Kelly Moore for weeks now and I am very impressed with all its features. It very much because it has all I was looking for, plus it is very light and fun. Most of all it is girly without compromising on practicality or functionality. I can easily carry everything I need and more, even my son’s toys.

I would highly reccomend buying one of those babies by Kelly Moore. The company has done a terrific job on balancing out what a female photographer may need for work and pleasure.

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