Do you know what GTD means?

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Do you know what GTD means? Have you ever had the feeling that you business is stuck? The feeling you are running like a headless chicken? I have, and it is not a very pleasant feeling. There is one approach I use to minimise this. It helps me to focus on what is really important. It is the GTD methodology: Getting Things Done. Don’t be scared by the word “methodology”. GTD is a way of approaching the things we all have to do for our businesses. Boudoir Photography is a challenging business, especially in the UK, so you need to focus on what’s really important.
The idea is that you get your s**t done.

GTD: Getting Things Done

GTD is a time-management method described by David Allen. The idea behind it is very simple. Get your tasks and projects and write them down, splitting them into small, actionable elements. GTD also requires you to prioritise your tasks, focusing only on what’s really necessary. Another key element is to group together all the similar tasks so that you save time by doing them all together. In business, we should really focus on making the most out our time. Doing the things that really matter. GTD helps us to achieve our goal in making our businesses better. Let’s make things simple:

  • Write tasks and projects down
  • Split tasks and projects in small, actionable elements
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Focus only on what’s essential
  • Work on similar tasks together

Are you using GTD? Or any part of it?

GTD rule number one: Get Your S**t done!

To us there one point to start from: getting your s**t done. Yes, there are tasks we don’t particularly like doing. If you identified them and prioritised them, it means they are important for your business.
Get your S**t done!
You can get hiccups just thinking about them, but you need to get the ball rolling. When you are not invested in one task, you may find yourself thinking to other ways your business can grow. Fabulous and GTD can help you: write the idea down and think about it later. You are doing something else now. The point is that you should not procrastinate on what you know to be important for your business.
How are you managing your important tasks? How do you keep track of the things you have to do?

Workshop followups

One of the elements we stress a lot during our workshop is the importance of following up with what you learn. The GTD approach helps you in this. Every workshop we teach has some elements of work to be done as a personal project. They are tasks that can be vital for your business. Reality is that we continuously follow up with our students, making sure that they commit to completing those tasks. Why? Because that is the difference between a successful workshop and a “ok” one.
We want the people attending our workshops to get the most out of them. Every person we had during our workshop is also an element in our GTD approach: did she completed the assignments? Did she encountered issues? This is because making sure to pass a good knowledge over is a priority for us, so we make sure to remember it!

A little help using GTD

GTD is something you should make yours. It is a way of approaching the things you have to do. It is a way ow working smarter, not harder, to make the most out of your time. To maximise our time we use Asana, of which we wrote already some time ago. Asana is a fantastic online tool to help you in managing your tasks and project, and it loosely follows the GTD approach.
Give Asana a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

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