3 things to write in a letter to myself when I was 20 years old

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What if I could write a letter to myself when I was in my 20s, and I had space only for three advices? What if I could write this letter to myself, helping the younger be to become a better photographer earlier? I realised that the three things I would write in the letter to myself are not strictly photography related, but they would help me in many aspects of my life.
If you are reading this, read this three advices and try to make them yours: they will make your life much easier.

Letter to myself

Hi Carlo,
I know how weird it can feel to open a letter that you have written, a letter to myself from the future. I know your attention is limited, so I will cut it short; this is a letter to myself to make my (your) life so much easier.
Try reading it with an open mind, but more importantly act on these three things. Not tonight, not tomorrow, now. Finish the letter and start doing it. They are only three things, make them count.

1. Don’t compare yourself

I know you had hundreds of great ideas, but you never got to complete them. I know that you look at others and you think that they do great things, but as long as you compare yourself to them, you’ll never be happy. I thought that starting the letter to myself with this message would get your attention.
Stop thinking the other can do what you can’t; if you put your mind on something, you will be able to do everything you want! Comparison is the perfect excuse to fail forever, so stop doing it.

2. Fail, fail quickly and then do it right?

Nobody is perfect, but only those who do will make it. Seriously, stop finding a hundred a one excuses to procrastinate things. If you want to do a good omelette you need to break a couple of eggs. Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to take bad photographs, don’t be afraid to create something people won’t like. Just do it. Take your camera, your computer, and go. Take bad photographs, be ashamed of what you create, overdo with post processing, step back and puke.
Sorry to shake you this much, but watching one more episode on the TV will not give you what you truly want. Do something today and fail spectacularly.
Then reaching success is simple: look at your failures, do things again. This time they will be right.

3. Learn marketing and business

The last thing I would like to write in this letter to myself is this. Marketing and Business are not something for someone else. They are for you, in whatever moment of your life you are going to read this. Learn about “Ideal Clients“, “Product Market fit” and all these funky things. They are fun, I promise, but more importantly they will save you a lot of time.
When you know who are you doing things for, then it will be easier to do things right quickly.

And what if this wasn’t just a letter to myself?

…then I would say to read it again, as this can be a letter for you. Get up and smell the coffee, roll up your sleeves and get things done. Stop moaning and complaining about what you can’t do and embrace what you can.
The best moment to start becoming a better you was yesterday, but failing that, the second best moment is right now.
Grab these three simple advices and practice them! In 10 years from today you will thank me!

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