Life at photoshop and 3 reasons why you should not do it

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Life at photoshop is the perfect life someone people show on social media. Have you ever followed someone whose life seems to be just… perfect? Have you ever been jealous of how cool their lives are? The majority of times truth is far from what we show on social media. Life at photoshop is just this: showing only the best of what goes in your life.

For how incredibly cool is to have hordes of followers who dream the life you are showing them, not all that glitters is gold. Showing a life at photoshop is detrimental, and not just to our followers. The damages we can do to ourselves are big and long lasting.

As photographers we should “fake it till we make it”, but this does not mean portraying ourselves differently from who we are. The risks associated to showing a life at photoshop are real. These are the three reasons why you should quite your life at photoshop; also, for each I will underline why replacing it with the real you will touch all the right spots!

One day you will realise that the life at photoshop you are portraying is not real

Man… that moment will be one of the worst you will live. In a matter of seconds you will realise the truth: you are living a lie. Publicly portraying a life you are not living will trick many person in believing you are someone you are not; not only, a life at photoshop will trick you in thinking you are someone you are not.

I have seen people taking selfies with expensive bottles of champagne, knowing the reality is far from it. I have seen these incredible smiles being a mask worn on top of a life that feels tight.

Do you really think that showing a lie won’t affect your perception of the world?

The risk is to wake up one day, realising that all the glamour is just smoke. Being a photographer is hard work; it is about learning business, marketing, customer relationship management and many other things. The worst thing is convincing others that it is just about glamour; one day you will wake up, you will realise that it is all a lie, and that your life sucks.

Don’t lie to yourself and make sure you love your life!

You are a terrible role model

Many people who publicly display a life at photoshop won’t be bothered by this. My point remains, though; portraying a lie is not a sign of a good role model. The people that follow you will believe in your “truths” and will think that emulating your steps will bring them where you are. What is going to happen when they will do what you did without succeeding? Do you think they are going to be happy, or will they rather feel a failure? Are you going to be proud of it?

I am an idealist, I believe in “doing what’s right”. When fellow photographers ask me about the “glamorous life of a boudoir photographer”, I am honest. There is a part of glamour in what we do, but you can get it after hard work. There is a small minority of photographers who have it all, but for the rest of us it is hard work.

Being a good role model is simple. Be yourself, even when you are on social media. I am the first to say you should avoid being a moaner, but this is far from sugar coating your life at photoshop. Be honest, show your successes as well as your struggles. When you publish on Instagram your bottle of champagne, don’t forget to tell that it is a special treat. And remember that a life at photoshop is not necessarily a lie, it is just making other think that that bottle is one of the many you can enjoy.

People see liars behind the lies of the life at photoshop

After many years in business I have come to the conclusion that the best person you can be is yourself. If your business is towards the people that follow you, showing a life at photoshop is nothing but detrimental. At first, people might buy into your “social media persona”, but sooner or later they will start seeing through it. They will start realising that what you are showing them is not exactly who you are. The life at photoshop you are hiding behind will come down crumbling, bringing with it your prospective customers.

What we don’t fully realise is that our social media is the new way of being ourselves. The way we communicate is changed and how people can connect with us changed. This does not mean that the Internet is a place where you can build an avatar. Or, to use better words, if you want your avatar to match who you are, creating a false persona is going to leave scars. If you just want “to be someone” this may hold for a while; the point is that if you are reading this blog post you are probably interested in being a photographer. Therefore my advice is simple: seen that we are our brand, portraying a brand that lies is not a smart business move… what can possibly go wrong?

The Internet is amazing. It changed our lives and the way we learn and do business. Alas, it has rules, and while you can have a life at photoshop to portray left and right, this does not mean you are free from its repercussions. After all, the beauty of being yourself is that you will attract like minded people, and this is the joy of life. Not showing you are someone you are not, otherwise you will attract people that will see through your life at photoshop and leave you.

By the way: we thought correct to associate images which are part of our #unretouchedbeauty campaign. They have not seen photoshop!

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