London Boudoir Photography: A new Makeup for Faby and Carlo

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If you have been visiting us regularly, you may have found a new website today for Faby and Carlo, London Boudoir Photography! In the past months we have worked hard to re-shape it and to find the right “makeup” for our site, and this weekend we made the switch.
After years of business, hundreds of blog posts, thousands of images published and hundreds of thousands of words written, this update has been quite intensive, but looking at the results we are… happy!

Back to Black

Almost two years ago we moved from a site with full size images and a lot of dark corners to a cleaner, white website. For these long months in which our business changed so much, our website has been what we needed, but right now we just wanted something… different.
We decided to go for an even more minimalistic approach, with a website with very few distraction to contents and images. More importantly, we went back to a dark theme, giving our images a black backdrop to live in.

The technicalities

One of the reason that pushed us to switch our website has been the technical implications to user experience and SEO. Our old website has been living with small technical issues that grew in size during the time the site was live, so it was time to straighten the mistakes and giving a smoother user experience.
Despite the larger images, the new site is faster; the way the information are presented is more SEO friendly. Overall it has been a huge step forward!

Let us know your thoughts!

This website update has been taking us hours and hours of this long weekend, and we are now ready to switch of four computers and take a good sleep. We welcome your feedback, your constructive criticism as well as your kind appreciation. Let them come with a nice comment!

Do you need help with your website?

We proud ourselves to have built this website on our own, working hard and making it the best we could without external help. The SEO that is pushing us at the top of a Google search for “London Boudoir Photography” is the result of hours of quality content-shaping. If you need help with your photography website, give us a shout: we may help you!

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