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One of the most important element in a photography business is getting known by your potential customers, and a marketing strategy is what you need. Alas, saying you need a good marketing strategy is much easier than implementing one. Unfortunately, for photographers, especially boudoir photographers, the path to a successful marketing strategy is even more complex.
In this article, I will go through our way of approaching our marketing strategy, giving you an insight on our thought process. More importantly, I will show the failure in the process, so you can avoid investing money in the wrong marketing strategy for your photography business.

Your geographical location counts

One of the elements that we had overlooked when we started our business was our geographical location. The initial marketing strategy was based on suggestions and successes other photographers had; however, we listened to photographers who were not based in London, and our initial failure were related to the different realities they and us were living. London, and the United Kingdom in general, has certain social rules that are unique. British customers react differently to one marketing strategy than Americans.
Before planning your marketing strategy, be sure you take into account your environment, as this will play a very important role in how you can be discovered.

Your marketing strategy should be focussed on your ideal customers

In the past, we have written about the “what is an ideal customer” and why they are so important for your business. I would strongly suggest to go back to that article (old, but extremely important) and understand why knowing who you want to target is one of the most important element before planning your marketing strategy.

Be the big fish in the small pond

One word on advice on the kind of photographer you want to be. If you are going to be the jack of all trades, you will be seen as the master of nothing. If your website tells your potential customers that you specialise in Boudoir, Wedding, Portraiture, Events, Family and Landscape, you will tell everyone you are specialised in nothing. Focus on one thing and work your a** off to be the best in that field before wasting your energies targeting something else.
Being the big fish in the small pond means being known for what you do, and for being the best at it. If we look the UK market for boudoir photography, we are looking at a small pond. The numbers are still pretty low, but if you start digging, you will find few photographers who deliver quality. If you want to be a boudoir photographer, be one and try to be the best at it.
Of course, we all know that we need to diversify our incomes, but this means that we have to treat our business as separate ones if we tackle more than one pond. If you add pregnancy to boudoir, have two sites with two different marketing strategies.

Boudoir and the UK

Implementing a marketing strategy for boudoir in the UK has been a challenging task for us. We have explored many roads, understanding that this market is still a tough cookie to bite. Images of women dressed in underwear is not something the British society considers appropriate. The name “boudoir” is still unknown or it have a negative approach, so what can you do?
The key, in our opinion, is the face-to-face presence, the real rapport that exposes you as photographer and your ethos more than your photographs. It may seem strange, but printed ads are a waste of investment, as well as very general Facebook or Google campaigns, at least if you position yourself in the upper-end of the market.

So, what do you plan to use as your main marketing strategy for your Boudoir photography?

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