Merry Christmas! A letter to all our friends

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Yesterday, our little one turned two. It seems like yesterday that Fabiana and I spent the night in the hospital waiting for Ethan to come to life. When we got out, London was covered in a thick layer of pure white snow. At home, the tree was done and adorned as it is today, and the Christmas carols were singing.

Today, two years later, we are different persons, but we haven’t changed in the core of our values. In these two years, our time seems to have magically shrunk, leaving us less time for all of you. We apologise for it, but for those of you who genuinely know us, they know we are building a different future for us and for our child, which is taking away a lot of time, but that are making us happy.

We would like to wish you a Marry Christmas to all of you, or Happy Festivities if Christmas is not of your personal taste. We wish all the best for your future, and we hope to meet you again soon to chat and cheer together, to smile and be happy. Today, tomorrow, or if you are keen on being a better person from this moment on, reserve a friendly word for someone whom you love as well as a kind one for those that cross your path. Bury the hatchet and be willing to listen, comprehend and help. This is not what I will teach our child to be during Christmas, but what he should be every day of the year.

We know we haven’t been so good in chatting for as long as we were used to do, or to reply to your messages so quickly, and we hope you will understand that the only reason we are not doing it is because we are trying to be an example for Ethan, showing him “Impossible is Nothing” that if you truly love something, you should pursue your dream.

Fabiana and I are not growing older, we are following our dreams as we were twenty years younger. We will call you, we will send you the long-expected email, and we promise you will find the same cheerful Faby and Carlo we have always been, and we will always be.

In the meantime, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! See you in 2013!

Merry Christmas by Faby Carlo and Ethan

Merry Christmas by Faby Carlo and Ethan

Merry Christmas by Faby Carlo and Ethan

Merry Christmas by Faby Carlo and Ethan

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