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Online Photography Courses have always been interesting solutions, and the only thing we have always seen as a weak point is the personal connection between the teacher and the students. With online photography courses in the pipeline, we have decided to start our online coaching with something more personal: one on one digital mentoring. From January, we will offer the possibility to build your own private coaching and mentorship program completely online.
How do we make the most out of the online photography courses and the direct human connection to provide you with a unique learning platform? Let us show you, with an open an honest approach!

The keys to the Digital Mentoring

  • Free consultation
  • Skype/Hangout/FaceTime/Email/AddSomethingElseHere communication
  • Personal Schedule
  • Digital One2One
  • Online Resources

An effective way of communicating

The first and most important element for a mentoring programme is communication. A Digital Mentoring should start from the most effective means of communication, more effective for YOU. Skype, FaceTime, Hangout, Phone, Email, Project Management Tools, we have a large array of tools to allow us to plan a successful and innovative type of online photography courses: The Digital Mentoring.
We believe in simplicity, in giving you the possibility to communicate in the way that is easier for you. (We regret to inform you that, due to the presence of two cats in our studio, the option of pigeons for personal communication is no longer available).

Online photography courses that start from you

Where the online photography courses have a clear and generic schedule, a digital mentoring is based on the assumption that every photographer is different. You are unique, and the schedule needed to maximise your skills and your business is different from everyone other photographer.
We will plan a roadmap to move you from where you are today, to the photographer you can be tomorrow. We will keep into consideration what are the skills you need more, your budget and your availability.

Digital resources and one on one calls

To help you developing your skills, while keeping costs under control, we offer a balance between digital resources, typical of the online photography courses, and personal mentoring. Differently from the normal online photography courses, the digital mentoring is based on the assumption of a one to one relation. We provide you with digital contents that will place the base of your training, moving then to a personal call to consolidate everything previously presented.
We will be able to coach you in a way to maximise your personal development and minimise the investment needed. You can opt, for example, to have a stronger information through digital contents, minimising the time spent in digital one2one, therefore lowering the costs. Alternatively, you can opt for a more intensive training with us, which will give you a stronger and more personalised content delivery at a marginally higher price.

Where’s the catch?

The catch, if you consider it to be one, is that the entire digital mentoring is, as the online photography courses are, online.
For certain people, it is important to be physically in the same place with the coach. We are aware of this; however, we believe in the personal connection which not necessarily means sharing the same space. Where online photography courses do not deliver quality 100% is in the access to the coach, issue that we completely removed with the Digital Mentoring Program.

Why? Why do we do it?

First and foremost, we do it as we love to coach up and coming photographers. Seeing quality images coming from promising photographers who developed under our wings is something we adore. We like helping others growing their skills.
We also believe that a better market makes for better customers. Quality is scarce and competition, in art, is highly overrated. You won’t do what we do, you won’t be us, and even if you were just around the corner, having a photographer who can produce great photographs means raising the bar in terms of client’s expectations. The more quality is delivered and paid for, the more the customers will understand the difference between a great experience and a decent photo.
To us, this is a win-win situation!

How much does it cost?

We charge on a simple per-hour basis for the Digital Mentoring. The more hours you need, the more it is going to cost. You can of course opt for fewer hours of coaching and more digital contents to be digested on your own.
The hourly rate for the Digital Mentoring is £100, lowered to £50 for the first three months. Every Digital Mentoring session booked before April 2015 will cost 50% off the full price!

In the coming months, we have in the pipeline to open a forum for the mentored photographers to share ideas and information, ask questions and be part of a growing community. We will be there, for you.

If you were waiting for a good time to start your Boudoir or Portrait career, or if you are looking to get a personalised help to move this forward, the Digital Mentoring program is for you!

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