3 reasons why outsource marketing not always works

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Outsource marketing is the process of letting an external company deal with the whole marketing for your company. While outsource marketing may have its advantages, for small businesses like many photography companies, outsource marketing may not always work. On the contrary, we found that outsource marketing may become a source of burden and complications for small businesses.
In this post we will highlight the 3 main reasons why we believe that outsource marketing may not work for your small photography business.

1. You are the face of your company

As a photographer, you are the face of your company, and the best thing you can do with your marketing is use your own words. Some outsource marketing company are great at understanding your business and writing effective copies for your marketing material; however, we believe there is something much more important than a perfectly written copy: a copy written with your own voice. Outsource marketing rarely hits this right.
One of the things we are often told from our clients, is that when they meet us, we are exactly who they imagined us to be by reading our blog posts. This is an extremely important element if you own a small company where you are its face and its voice.
Learning how to write is a vital part of being an entrepreneur, and learning to write concisely and quickly will make your life very easy. If you are the one writing your contents (blogs, web pages, email and so on) your personality will come out. We are aware that our grammar or structure is not always spot on, as we are not English mother tongue, but that’s who we are, and being able to be ourself and give a glimpse of it through the text you write is a huge bonus.

2. You know your customers, not the outsource marketing company

One of the things we said over and over is that the key to good marketing is intimately knowing who you want as client. The more you know about your customer, the more you will be able to talk to her.
Try to imagine how many things you know about your business and your ideal client, how many shades in the way you photograph people, how many things you could say about yourself that would take ages to pass to someone else. Outsource marketing companies need all these information, but their time is costly, hence to pass all the info forward will be a very expensive process. They can certainly help you to better identify your ideal client, but do you really want to risk your business by letting someone else target your market?
You know your client better than anyone else, and you should give yourself credit for this.

3. Trial and Error works

Marketing is, first and foremost, trial an errors. You should check which copy works better than other, which blog posts are better received by your clients and change the way you write those that do not stick.

Marketing is like shooting arrows while blindfolded, being allowed to see if the arrow struck the target after if has left your bow.

This is one of the things outsource marketing company knows better than anyone else. They know that to pass one right message across, they need to do it wrong many times. They push one out, see how it works, and do it again.
There are two truths about it:

  1. If you make this idea yours, you can be as effective as anyone else. Get in the mindset of accepting that marketing is something that can never stop. Understand that the text you wrote a year ago and that work so well, may become outdated. Understand you have to fail, fail quickly and then do it right and you will be a better marketer
  2. To be done right, marketing has to be a never-ending investment. Now, any outsource marketing company will keep doing things, and you will keep paying them; however, changing few details is easier done that said, and if you enter a routine of keeping track of your messages, understanding which ones work and which ones need to be reviewed, then you will be as effective as any outsource marketing company could be

bonus on outsource marketing

As an added bonus, we would like to point out the obvious: the quality of your results while outsourcing part of your company depends entirely on the quality of the company you trust with your business. Marketing companies are generally good at copyrighting, therefore they will be able to maker you feel you are understood, but not necessarily they will know how to translate this into marketing your business.

As always I would focus on learning marketing and implementing the subset you may need for your business more than go for the route of outsource marketing. If needed you can focus on outsourcing your copywriting of small parts, but I am always of the idea that buying a fish will feed you for a day, knowing how to fish will feed you forever!

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