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Many of you may have notices that Fabiana is leading the dances of Faby and Carlo lately. This is not only because she is “the amazing one“, but because I have been very busy bootstrapping a new project. phlow has been in incubation for more than a year, being thought, designed, implemented and tweaked. phlow is now ready to be launched in private beta in the next few months and I have taken the important role of CEO of this new company. I am creating the tool that I would love to have as photographer, and I am doing as this tool does not exists.
What is phlow? phlow is a new generation of social media (we like to call it social collaboration environment). It is focussed on photographs, but differently from Instagram and others, phlow was designed with photographers at heart. Do you want to know more about phlow? I am sure that it will help you (and your photography business) get to terms with social media marketing.

What is phlow?

phlow is a new take on social media for photography. It is the place you want to go if you want to see images that are relevant to your passions. If you want to see or find photos, we cut through the noise.
In phlow, you don’t see images that your “friends” post. The big change is there, you follow your passions, not your friends. You see what you want to see, not what your friends like to publish. This is a big change, and if it is going to be big for every user, for us photographers is going to be a huge shift in how we live social media marketing.

Why phlow matters?

As photographer, which is the best social media to be in order to gain more customers? Flickr and 500px are closed circles of photographers, and Instagram is the place to be. Yes, its rules, censorship and rights-grabbing terms and conditions are terrible, but it is the place to be. The issue with all the names cited, is that only the people that know you, see your photos. To find new customers you need to invest time, money if you want. You can be a good boy and grow your account organically (it took us years to get to the 10k followers we have today) or you can play the like4like, comment4comment and follow4follow game. You invest a lot of time to find new people in the hope they will follow you.
phlow is different as it focuses on themes. You will be able to find our photos under #boudoir, #photography, #blackandwhite, #fabyandcarlo and other related themes. phlow will also allow you to go more granular, being found under #boudoir#photography or even #beauty#makeup#eyes. The fact that you don’t need to be followed for your images to be seen is a game changer. Because phlow won’t have to pay lip-services to users with many followers –it is not indicative of the quality of their photos– we are actually able to calculate what’s really relevant in a theme. What is the best photo of #boudoir is not decided any longer by the most known user, but by what the crowd think is cool!
phlow matters because your photos are going to matter. Your photos won’t need your marketing time; phlow will be your marketing time. Your photos will need you to invest more time into what you love to do: take great photos. I have already written an article on titled “Exposure for your photographs: Can we re-discuss this idea?” and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Is Faby and Carlo changing?

In short? No, Faby and Carlo will not change (Faby and Faby would not look as cool). Jokes aside, the passion for Boudoir Photography and for helping photographers growing to reach their potential is still the fuel behind our brand. Our customers are still the most important thing in the world and our workshops will still rock your world.
Yes, I have stepped away from my active role, but what we stand for still remains, and remains in the hands of the best boudoir photographer I know and respect.
Yes, from time to time I will still escape my new role for taking some photographs. After all phlow was born from my love and passion for photography, that is here more than ever!

Can I ask for your help?

Like every startup, phlow will need some numbers to grow, and I would love to hear some support. Would you be so kind to give phlow a good read and subscribe to our updates? It would mean the world to me, and I am sure I can deliver a product you are going to love!


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  • Rachel Vogeleisen

    That sounds amazing I am very much looking forward to see the official launch of Phlow!

    • Carlo Nicora

      Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your comment. It is an extremely exciting time in a very exciting project and I can’t wait to send our the release!
      I feel like a child waiting for Christmas! :)

  • Reply

    Hello Faby and Carlo – I have signed up for Phlow – Now waiting to try ans see how it works. Best regards from France – Laurent CHRISTOPHE Photographe

  • joffday

    Hi Guys,

    Hopefully it will not just become another marketing medium like so many other social media sites!

    Looking forward to seeing how it develops :)



    • Carlo Nicora

      Hi Joff,
      Not at all, the goal is to bring together photographers, editors, bloggers and users and give them an environment in which they can follow their passion without having to skip through all the noise.

      Thanks for commenting!

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