Photography blog: 5 reasons why you should have one

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I have heard many colleagues debating if having a photography blog has a positive impact on your business. Yes, five times yes, a photography blog should be one of your priority in your business. Remember that we are Italians, English is not our mother tongue, so if our photography blog is readable, it is probably due to the many mistakes we made.

A photography blog will teach you to write

I really don’t know how to write a photography blog!
Various photographers told me this, almost all of them. You are a visual storyteller, yes, but you are first and foremost a business person. Writing is what you will do more than any other things. A photography blog will teach you how to write.

This may not work: and it is exactly why I am doing it!

Write, write badly, and then write some more. Do not be scared of failing, don’t try to be perfect. Badly written content is better than no content, and the more content you will write for your photography blog, the better writer you will become. This will help you while you will be writing your emails, your tagline, your pitch, your brochures and, who knows, your book.

A photography blog will teach you to write fast

Something equally important is that writing a photography blog will help you writing faster. Right now, every email I send is generally not longer than three sentence. Time is very limited when you are a business owner, and a photography blog cannot take away too long. You will learn how to write, and to write fast, and you will apply this invaluable quality to every writing you have to do.
Your skills might not be perfect, as ours are not, but you will be able to get over with your correspondence quickly, leaving more time for your real job.

Your customers will know your

How do your customers know about you? Your about page -as I am sure that you have one- is certainly a good start, but through a photography blog you will tell much more about yourself. Your clients want to know who they are buying from. You might also hope that they will know you, so the customer that will knock on your door will know a lot about you, and they will appreciate you for who you are.
If your photography blog won’t speak to some, they won’t come, and you won’t have to deal with customers who won’t appreciate your work.

Google will know you

Marketing is an important part of every business, and the digital marketing is becoming the most significant marketing available. If you want to be found, Google, Bing and all the existing search engines have to be your friends. The more contents you provide to them, the more they will know everything about you. The more they will know about you, the more they will place you in front of your loyal customers. A photography blog will help Google placing you in front of your clients. A photography blog will help generating contents that go further than your about page.

You can showcase your work over and over again

We want our portfolio to shine. A small set of images that showcase the best of our work; however, to create more variety and to push our work more widely, a photography blog gives you the possibility to publish more and more photographs. They may not end up in your portfolio (we would have a portfolio with over a thousand photographs), but a photography blog will be a constant showcase for your style.

After reading this post, you should seriously consider, or re-consider, your approach to have (and write) a photography blog. It is about you and your business, giving your clients the possibility to know you. It is about creating a better marketing and laying down the foundation of your success.

Next week we will talk about how to write your photography blog and then we will explore the “what” to write in your photography blog.

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