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As part of our photography courses, Saturday 8th November we will host a class focussed on photographing women. We put a lot of efforts in our photography courses, as we put in them everything we learned. From Portrait to Boudoir, our photography courses “Photographing Women” start from a theoretical approach and go through a practical session.
Our photography courses in November have still a couple of spots left, so hurry up if you want to book.
Let us show you more in details the advantages you would get by participating to our photography courses!

Photography courses full of tips and tricks

Photographing is like cooking. There are few rules, and many ways of mixing them together. Our photography courses are full of the basic rules. Many things are so simple that are often underestimated or forgotten, but you would not forget to put sugar in your cake, wouldn’t you? In the same way, our photography courses start from the assumption that small things make a big difference while photographing women. You will learn all the tips and tricks we use every time we photograph a woman.

Learn what you need to know before taking the camera in your hands!

Many photographers focus all their attention on their technical skills. In our photography courses, we put our initial focus on how to create the right environment. To capture relaxed, natural moments, you need to be able to create a relaxed environment. When photographing women, what you say and how you say it makes all the difference in the world.
Through our photography courses, you will learn how to create a positive environment, avoiding blunders in your communications.

Learn how to see the best in a woman

You are a good women’s photographer when your photographs are great without the need of photoshop. To do that you need to learn what to look in a woman. In our photography courses, you will be told the small details you can focus on to see the best in every woman you photograph. What areas are to be hidden and which others have to be shown.

Learn how to capture the best in a woman

The next natural step after knowing what to look for in a woman is making sure you are able to capture what you now see. In our photography courses we will coach you through the steps needed to transfer your vision into your photograph. Our photography courses are going to be more about your personal approach more than your technical approach. Your vision, the way you see the moment and your attitude towards the model you are photographing is everything you need to make amazing photos.

Photography courses in which you have your space

During our photography courses, only two photographers are allowed to shoot at the same time. One being the main photographer and the other learning the skills of capturing a natural moment. We believe that this way is the best to learn, the best to transfer your knowledge into practical, repeatable skills.

Photography courses on Saturday 8th November 2014

We still have some places available for our photography courses on Saturday 8th November. From amateurs to professionals, novice to experienced, we will open our knowledge to you. Contact us for more information and course availability!

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