Photography is Creativity

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I strongly believe that Photography is Creativity. There is so much behind the scene of a photography business that too many times we forgot why we are in this race. We often forgot who we serve and how.
Let me refresh the most important part of why photography is creativity. You are hired, and paid, to capture photos of your customers. If you want to be different from anyone else, and being booked for it, you need to be different. Photography is Creativity because you are booked for your style, your approach. These are your unique selling point.
When has it been the last time you stopped your flow of work and looked around to see if you become a clerk for your business or if you are still the photographer you sell yourself for? I do it from time to time. Too often I realise I am the first and not the second. And that sucks!

Photography is Creativity

What make our business different from a simple office clerk? After all we spend countless hours behind our computers. As Neil Gaiman once said “I became someone who professionally replies to emails“.
It is our art that makes us different and unique, the way we see and capture the world. Photography is Creativity because without it we would be photo booth.
This is why is so important to find our own voice. To find it and to use it.

Creativity is a Personal Development

There is something nobody can teach: your personal art. Photography is creativity and creativity comes from our hearts, not from books. While I can teach you how to pull out the creative site, I cannot teach you your own creative mind.
Creativity is like a muscle: you need to train it. You cannot wait for the infamous light bulb to switch on; even if if does, the light bulb is just the beginning, upon which you need to work hard.
Train yourself in looking creatively, whatever this might mean for you. You may find it in taking static portraits, or shooting sport. You may realise you are drawn to beauty or to nitty gritty reality. Whatever it is, follow your instincts, follow who you are, as you will find no competition there.

Creativity is a Personal Development

Creativity in photography is about finding your personal voice. It is about understanding what is that you love to photograph and how. This is not as simple as it may sound. We are bombarded daily by tons of images. As photographers, we have the bad habit of trying to find personal validation through comparison. Unfortunately this leads to negative comparison while polluting our vision.
Yes, that photographer in the USA has an amazing style and uses the light incredibly, but is that you? Are you expressing yourself through your images, or are you just trying to emulate someone. Emulation and copy is not creativity.

To develop the creativity you need to work hard on it. What is that you love, what are your sources of inspiration and how do you translate it into your images. I love to capture scenes of life in Black and White, making the contrast and the moment the main element. I translate it in the way I shoot for London Boudoir Photography, trying my hardest to capture the soul and the real beauty of a woman!

Don’t be afraid to fail

In order to allow your self to come out, you need to fail. Failure is the best thing that can happen to you on the road to success. Fail, fail quickly and then do it right.
In order to find my inner voice, I have taken images I hate. Images that were not who I am, images that do not represent what I love. Those images made me understand more clearly my creativity and how I love to shoot.
If you are afraid to fail, afraid of taking the wrong shot, afraid of taking a photo which is not who you are, you will never test your boundaries.

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