Photography Website: Do you learn from your visitors’ action?

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Your photography website is one of the main asset you have. Your photography website displays yourself, your work and your values, and it is the deal maker or the deal breaker in winning or losing a customer. So, what do you know about it? What do you know your visitors’ actions on your photography website?
Here are some thoughts on why knowing what the visitors of your photography website do is important and how to track it.

Your photography website is written by a photographer…

…but who buys your services is not. This difference is very important, as you may give certain information by granted, while your visitors do not. The key element is that we give a lot of information by granted, as photography is second nature for us, but for our customer is not.
The first time I heard about “window mounts” for photographs, I had no idea what they were. The person I was talking to thought I did and missed to explain it clearly; of course I did not understand his whole point. This because he gave too many information for granted.
You should read your photography website with your customers’ eyes. Use simple words, don’t give difficult terminology for granted and make sure that even your grandma can understand it.

Why should you track what your users do on your photography website?

Can you guess what is the most clicked part of our London Boudoir Photography website? Actually it is the first arrow on the first photograph.
I would have never thought about it.
And what about the second most clicked part of it? The frequently asked question that reads “Do I need to get Naked?“.
You should track what your users do on your photography website because it will show you what they are more interested into. It can also show what design issues your website has, like in the case of our arrow on the first image.
You should track the clicks on your photography website to understand what your visitors are most interested into. This would also tell you if you are getting the right type of visitors or if you are attracting someone who is not your ideal customer.
You should track what your visitors do to make sure your photography website is giving them what they are looking for.

How to track what your visitors do on your photography website

We use WordPress to host our photography website, and the beauty of it is that there are literally thousands of plugins to it. We have opted to use SumoMe to see where users click on our website and get a visual reference on what we need to focus on.
Installing it is simple, and getting it to work even simpler. Another valuable feature is that it is free to use.
I am sure there are many other plugins you can use to gain the same data, and I would love to hear which ones you use, and why you love them.

Make sure to act on the information you are sitting on!

Now, there is one important part that many of us forget to do. After having understood that tracking the visitors’ behaviour on your photography website is something good for both you and your customers, you need to act on the data you have. As you may have noticed (at least at the time of writing this article) the homepage of this website still does not have the features implemented in our main Boudoir site.
Yes, I still need to act on this site, but I am working hard to fix the Faby and Carlo – London Boudoir Photography website, to make it better for our visitor.

So, what do you think?

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