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Photographing women is challenging and it can be incredibly rewarding. One of the things you need to remember, though, is that as photographer you are dealing with their body confidence. Building confidence in your customer through your images is one of the element that may separate you from the crowd. You should be aware, of course, that not investing enough time and efforts in photographing your customers well enough will do the opposite.
Good women’s photographers do not come cheap also because they know how their images can play a big role in building confidence. The way women see themselves is a perception that our photographs help shape. Are you actively working hard in building confidence in your customers, or are you one of those photographers with just their own agenda?
Let us tell you why building confidence through your photographs is much more important than just photographing women.

Photographers Sell Emotions

As Boudoir or Portrait photographers we don’t just sell photographs. We certainly don’t sell the paper we print our images on, this is why the cost of a print is not the price of a photo. Truth is that we sell emotions. We sell those moments of suspension where our customers look at themselves and think “I Look Beautiful”. We sell them the realisation that they look better than they feared.
Or don’t we?
Because truth must be told: there are many photographers who don’t care about all this. They feel that an image is just an image and that quantity is better than quality. They are sadly mistaken, and in not caring about building confidence in their customers, they fail to be successful photographers.

Building Confidence creates repetitive clients

Marketing our services is difficult, and it is known that the investment to win a new customer costs four times more than winning a customer we have already sold to. Building confidence in the women we photograph, making sure they see themselves as they had never seen before, is a way of creating a customer for life.
Investing some more time in taking the right images, in making your customers feel at ease, creates a huge return. I love when old clients wants another experience, when they get in the studio for a Boudoir Experience and they book us again to be their lifestyle photographers. They do it because we care for them, because building confidence is key to building a long lasting relation.

Your prices are not going to ruin the market, your photographs may

Some photographers are convinced that those who sell themselves cheap are ruining the market. I disagree with this point of view. They are simply selling themselves cheap and they are fighting for the price shoppers, but they are not ruining the market.
On the contrary, Boudoir photographers who produce abysmal experience for their customers, whose images do not help building confidence, they may help create a bad name for a nice industry. More than one person told us that they had bad experience with unreliable boudoir photographers, and they were not considering further shoots for that reason.
A market with a good reputation, with competition on quality and not on prices, is a healthy market. It is a market we want to live in, this is why we teach, this is why we want to see amazing boudoir and portrait photographers around.

How to sell photographs while building confidence

We have never set a timer to our photo sessions. We have shoot for how long it was needed to create stunning photographs. The reason is that investing half an hour more during the session may result in higher sales. The fact that our medium sale per customer has been on the constant rise for four years in a row show that we are doing it right.
If you photograph your customers with the idea of building confidence more than just photograph them; if you make sure they look great in every photograph you show them, then you switch their attention from buying a photo to buying confidence and emotions. They will be much more keen in investing a higher amount of money if you treat them nicely, photograph them beautifully and gift them with body confidence.

As photographer you are responsible for how your customers feel when they see their photographs. This will impact on your business and on the market, this is why it is your responsibility to show them at their best!

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