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Take better photos in just one hour is not only possible, but it does not require any technical skills (you should know by now that we are not focussed on the geeky stuff). I know that right now you are dubious of the fact that you can take better photos just like this, but I would ask you to give me some credit and read this forward. I have to admit, this post won’t help you if you’d like to get better photographing landscapes or architecture; however, if you are photographing people, then I stand by my words, betting you can take better photos in just one hour!
We base our work on the relation between the photographer and the subject of a photo. More than technical gimmicks, more than a better camera, more than a posing manual, in order to take better photos you should focus on strengthening the relation with the person in front of the camera.
Let me go through this “not so secret” ingredient to take better photos with everyone you will ever have in front of the camera.

Take better photos without technical skills?

Have you ever been photographed? I am not talking about someone taking a quick image with a mobile phone, I am talking about being photographed by another professional. It is a challenging task. There are so many things that go in your head that having a relaxed person behind the camera makes all the difference in the world.
So why don’t you push yourself to be a more personable photographer?
Yes, the “take better photos” has nothing to do with the photo taking itself. Everything comes down to the relation between you and your subject. Smile, care about the person you are photographing, listen to her and not to your thoughts, give more relevance to her than to your agenda.
When it comes down to take better photos, I would always focus on the psychology behind photography.

Why one hour?

The title of this article is about how to take better photos in a specific timeframe. Why just one hour? Well, that’s the time your makeup artist should take to put the makeup on your client. You have one hour to chat with her, one hour to make her understand that you care. You have one hour to create a great rapport with her, and make sure she doesn’t see you as a stranger. One hour is more than enough to make yourself come out as a human being more than just a photographer.
Keep a positive attitude and a positive chat, let her tell you what she loves, the things that open her heart. Bond with her, listen twice what you speak and let a great energy creates.
You have one hour to be honestly interested in her. Mark my words though, if you miss the “honestly” part, you will do more harm than good. To take better photos you need to care, as if you don’t, you will just ruin everything!

The secret to take better photos is the experience you give your clients

We don’t spend the hour of makeup with our clients.
Yes, we told you how to take better photos by spending that time with them, but we don’t do it, because we go one step further (and you can do it as well). If you focus on providing an amazing experience in pre production, getting to know your clients, speaking with them before the session and focussing on being present while photographing them, then you can let her enjoy that time best! The makeup time can be spent by giving your subjects some calm time before the session itself, without your presence. Having a great makeup artist, not just a skilled one, but a nice person, will give your clients the time to get pampered by someone who knows you (and can talk about you); yet, the makeup time can be better invested by giving them time for themselves. Let them rest and relax, with a person who can pamper them and do some smalltalk, without you being present and put the “professional pressure” in her relaxed time!

To take better photos, be personable

In the end it all comes down to this: be personable. Why are we so proud of being who we are? Because with us, what you see is what you get. We are easy going, we love talking to people, we genuinely care about our subjects. To take better photo you have to create a personal rapport, and it comes down naturally if you are a kind person. Clients will relate to you and not to your camera!

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