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Take photos is an important path for every photographer. You may think I am stating the obvious, but many photographers don’t take photos as much as they could. To take photos means something incredibly valuable as they measure how good your next photos are going to be.

In the past few days I have realised that the preset I was applying to our images did not do them any justice. All the contrast, initial colours and exposure balance were diminishing the quality of our photographs. What happened? It simply happened that we did another step forward with the quality of our images, and we don’t need many more adjustments for them to be ready.

Take photos. More photos

I still remember how many images I was taking when I started my photographic journey. Back then I felt like I was capturing an incredible amount of images, but while number is subjectives, truth is that the more photos you take, the better you become. Take photos, express yourself, make mistakes! Especially if you are at the beginning of your career, take photos, many many photos. And if you are already a working photographers, take photos to challenge yourself.

Have you ever noticed how, when speaking about pilots, everyone refers to their experience in terms of hours of flight? That’s because the more you fly, the more experienced you are. In photography it is the same thing; you should take photos to increase your experience, as even if you consider yourself a “seasoned photographer” there are always nuances you can improve. Luckily, getting better is an easy path: you just need to take photos.

It is ok not to know who you are, and this is why you should take photos

“Only stupid people have no doubts”

I don’t know what kind of photographer I am. I take photos of things I am comfortable with; it is when I take photos of the unknown that I truly grow. For me, photography is a psychological art more than a technical one; this is why it is one of those things you need to practice. When I am facing something new, maybe a style of portraits I am not entirely sure about, theory has little impact on me. Take photos has. Being in the situation, maybe failing -why not- is the way I have to understand myself better.
It is important to understand that you are not a lesser photographer even if you don’t know what kind of photographer you are. Take photos, as many as you can and as diverse as you can, as that will tell you where you heart is.

Take photos of children, of a wedding, of naked people or of ordinary ones on the streets. This is how you can discover what kind of photographer you are.

It is ok not to be another photographer

When I started my career, I was following other photographers. I loved their final products, those immaculate skins which seemed to pop out from the frame. For some time I tried my best to be them, and then I realised two things:

  1. The more I tried to emulate them, the worst my photo became
  2. The more time I spend in post production to get the same flawless skin, the less I was enjoying the final product

Take photos as much as you can, and experiment. Try to understand that it is ok not to be another photographer. When you take photos you need to feel right, you need to be happy. Photography is not a goal, it is a path. You can walk through it or you can run, but you have to be aware that we not always end up where we thought we would.

Being yourself means enjoying every single minute of being a photographer. Take photos because you enjoy, not because you want to be someone else!

I love being a photographer more than an editor

I have always being in love with he art of taking photos, and very little with the one on editing and processing them. True bliss is when I can use “Straight Out Of Cameras”. I take photos because I feel alive, I feel like I am telling a story, and the more I put my hands in the digital negatives, changing them, altering them, the less I feel the joy. This is why our retouching for boudoir is minimalistic and non invasive.

Few days ago, I was mentioning before, I realised that the colour correction applied to our images, was not ok any longer. The images straight out of camera brought with them more strength and subtle details than the edited ones. Full of doubts and guilt, as I was not doing “enough” I took a batch and I removed all the presets. The only thing I did was a bit of cropping and some work on the highlights. The result was amazing, natural and… just right!

You should take photos, lot of photos. One day you will realise that your images have grown in strength and beauty. It is going to be a fantastic moment!

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