The Nipple Report: How To Safely Post On Social Networks

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The future I dreamt when I was a child is coming, those electric sheep are almost here; however, in a world that seems much more open than it was yesterday, it seems we are still in need of a new sexual revolution. The difference between nudity and sexuality is enormous, but for their own sake social networks have a widespread ban on anything which is even slightly revealing.
We used to use Pinterest to engage with our customers for their mood board. It was a terrific way of spreading our name through an up and coming social network. From a couple of weeks, thought, this is not the case any longer. Our “racy” approach to Boudoir and Intimate Portraiture is not in line with the restrictive rules of the social networks. What do we do then?

Play by the social network rules

The first rule of leveraging social networks is to play by their rules. Fair and square. Doesn’t Pinterest accept nudity? Stop pinning images where a nipple is visible. Doesn’t Facebook allow images which are sexual in nature? Stop uploading images people may find offensive.
I personally find certain rules quite limiting and narrow minded; however, being banned from vital resources as Pinterest or Facebook is just counterproductive for your business. We have decided to display tasteful nudity on our website, but this does not mean that we have to display the same images on every channel we use to promote our brand.

Drive customers on your website and play by YOUR rules

You are the king of your domain, and in your website you can play by your rules. If you decide to display nudity, you know some filters will limit the visibility of your pages; however, that decision lies entirely on your shoulders. Returning to the example of the Mood Boards, which are of vital importance in the management of our customers’ Experience, we have just moved away from Pinterest. There are moments in which we will not be able to produce boards that satisfy our customers’ moods while respecting the various social networks rules; therefore we drive them to our website, providing them what they want.
Remember: your customer is the one you should work for. If to satisfy one’s dream you need to avoid marketing yourself, this is the right thing to do.

Decide who you are and what you show

Through Faby and Carlo we display the beauty that is not in fear of censorship. We believe that tasteful nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing dangerous either. Our brand is open minded, and we attract like-minded customers; however, we do not underestimate the importance of marketing tools such as the social networks. We need to leverage them as everybody else and to do so we simply tone our “uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo” down a little. We do not change who we are, we simply present our style in a way which is accepted by a world that, as we mentioned already, should learn the difference between nudity and sexuality.
Do we play on their fields? We play by their rules.
PS: Guess what: these images will not end up on Pinterest or Facebook!

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