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As Boudoir Photography business, we value our customers’ privacy. They know their images will remain private, and this is a peace of mind for them. To fill our website with relevant images, we therefore employ women. Only some of them are professional models.
We are often asked who we like to photograph more, and it is a question with an easy answer: our customers. Without having to think twice, photographing customers is by far more enjoyable for us. Why is that? And how you can make it fun and pleasurable photographing customers?
Let us show you.

Commitment is the key

One of the keys that makes photographing customers pleasurable, is to make sure they are committed. One of the biggest differences between one of our customers and a model, is the level of their commitment. For a woman, deciding to make the big step and being photographed means they are ready for it. They are stepping outside their comfort zone, they are investing their time, self confidence and money into us. They see us as professionals and they are living every moment of their experience at its fullest.
The first step in making your customers a pleasure to photograph is to make them committed to the shoot.

The Comfort Zone

For our customers, being in front of our cameras is a big deal. It is something exciting and scary at the same time. They are normally way outside their comfort zone. To reach that point, they are pushing their boundaries, stepping into the unknown. They have decided to go for it, and the only thing they can do, is to trust you.
If you are not selling yourself as the cheapest photographer in town, then they have picked you for your style, and not for your price. This means that they know you are going to make of them what you make of your models. They know that to get what they want, they will need to do what they are not used to do. When they jump, they will trust you for taking beautiful images of themselves, and this trust is a golden key to beautiful images. It is also fuel for your creativity.
Many models don’t bring this excitement to the shoot, it is their job and they deliver. Many of them do it really nicely, but the lack of that feeling of “free fall” makes everything a little bit “flatter

The right mood

“Had you told me, a week ago, that I would have dropped all my clothes in front of two strangers, I would have thought you crazy.”
We have heard this many times from our customers. This because we work so hard to make everyone feel comfortable and confident in front of our cameras, that the results are amazing. The trust relation comes from creating the right mood, professional yet enjoyable. As photographer, you need to invest a lot in having your customers’ trust, but the difference that this makes is huge. Creating the right mood will make you work with someone who will trust you and do what you ask her to do, as you are the professional.

Photographing Customer

Give them your 100%, or just pack your gear and go home. This is as simple as it gets. With models you can live by not being present 100%, as they are professionals that can fill your gaps, but if you have customers in front of you, don’t expect shortcuts. Photographing customers is highly rewarding, but you need to make sure to create the right environment and mood. Failure in doing so will void all the fun you can have with them.
Make sure that from the moment they step in your door, to the moment they get out, they are the only thing that matters in your life. It is a two way relationship: if you give them all you are and all you have, they will give their trust and will go the extra mile for you.

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