This may not work: and it is exactly why I am doing it!

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There are many ways of doing what we do, and our decision has been to focus on our Art, making the business follow our art and not vice versa. This is a very important decision as it puts our style and our view of the world before the interest of appealing to a wider audience. This decision comes with pro and con, but it tells you something more about Faby and Carlo: it tells you that we want to do our art, we want to lead, not to follow.
Leading and experimenting come with a note attached to them, and that note simply says “This may not work“. Now, if you are a business person and if you are looking at income and revenue as your main role, this is a risk; however, if your main goal is to make art, you know that the note attached to every experimentation is not a risk, it is a beautiful challenge.
In doing art you explore unchartered lands, you produce things that may reshape the way a concept is seen, but you may also produce something which simply does not work. We know that what we do may fail, and this is why we are doing it: because we make art.

The Status Quo

Faby and Carlo” is a branch of The Round Peg Photography, our company. Now, for those of you who know the story of Apple Inc. a little bit, you may remember “the round pegs in the square holes” part of the most famous Apple campaign.

“They are not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo…”

No, we do not have respect for the status quo because to challenge the world, to “Make Good Art” as Neil Gaiman would say, you need to explore what has not already been done, you need to free yourself from our industrial, capitalistic forward society.

Business or Art

Sooner or later in their careers, every professional photographer have faced this question: sell your art or sell yourself? Do what you believe is right or do what pays the bills. The reply many people gave me in the past is “of course you have to do what pays the bills“. Well, we challenge this today, we do it because we thought the same, and we lost track of our art, we took directions we were not interested into.
We failed, but we didn’t fail while making art, we failed while refusing making our art. We picked the safe road, and we landed with something we didn’t want.

We challenge you to re-think your answer. We truly believe that supporting yourself by other means to allow you make your art is a better solution. We believe it leads to better art and to true customers who loves us for our art, not because we copy someone else’s. We want to love our art and be excited of every success as well as every failure, of every thing we do that may fulfil our vision as well as being chucked in the bin.

To the photographers out there

We are Fabiana and Carlo, portrait and boudoir photographers. We are artists before being business people, we value the close relations we develop with every single person we photograph. We live out of beauty we see and capture in every woman. This is our art, and this is our business as well.
We have been told we do porn, we have been told we do glamour, we have not been told anything, but with gazes that meant million unspoken words. And you know what? All truth! We are multi-faceted artists who love to capture and challenge women, capture their beauty and challenge their confidence.
What we are going to do tomorrow may well be a total disaster, and we welcome every single bit of it as we are not here to adhere to the rules, we are here to write new ones.
Share with us your own approach to art and business. Do you have the courage to support your art even in spite of bad times, can you tell us how?

“…because the people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!”

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  • Donald Barnat

    I don’t know if this is going to work, but I’m going to take some pictures of a brick shit house, and let’s just find out. Cause I’m a daring photographer. ;-)

    • carlonicora

      Hi Donald,

      If this is what you feel is art, well I would do it if I were you. Who am I to judge your “art”.


      • Donald Barnat

        I was just joking. They’re very nice shots. Maybe ‘brick shit house’ didn’t translate.

        • carlonicora

          Hi Donald,
          not to worry about it, it simply underlines that it really doesn’t matter what you believe it is art. Just Do It, because you are the only one who is able to define Your art. :)

          • Donald Barnat

            Sort of like my humor. ;-)

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